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    Warning: This article contains spoilers for The last of us part two It may contain spoilers for the rest The last of us Season 1 and Season 2.

    The last of us It has been officially renewed for a second season. But not everything will be the same going forward. Video game fans already know what’s coming, but fans of the series might be surprised. Neil Druckmann has already made a statement that he doesn’t want him The last of us A series that goes on forever. But how will he decide to tell his story? Depending on how the first season ended, we’ll only see what lies ahead in the second season.

    For those who are not aware, The last of us Video game sequel, which is the logical direction to continue the series. But if the second season will follow the game, The Last of Us Part Two, Then fans of the show should prepare for a bumpy ride that may end very soon. There are already reports confirming a controversial character is about to be introduced, and fans who haven’t played the games may not be ready for this emotional rollercoaster. So be warned, the next report will contain spoilers about Season 2 of the The last of us.

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    The Last of Us Season 2: The plot

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    The last of us It follows the story of Joel Miller, a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by zombie-like humans infected with a mind-controlling fungal virus. In the chaos of the early days of this fungal epidemic, Joel, already a single father, loses his only daughter. Now in this bleak future, his only chance to redeem himself comes from the protection of young Ellie Williams. Ellie is a young girl who has been captured by underground freedom fighters. Stubborn and independent, she is the only living human who is safe from this fungal disease. In an effort to save the human race, Joel must transport Ellie safely across the United States to a scientist who might be able to craft a cure from Ellie’s unique immunity.

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    This is your last warning. Here come the spoilers.

    Fans believe that the second season of the show may follow the plot of the video game sequel. But it will depend on where directors Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin want to end the first season. If they decide to stay loyal to the video games, season one will end when Joel discovers that finding a cure for Ellie will kill her. So Joel, finally realizing that Ellie is now more like his adopted daughter rather than a mission, decides to save her and then sabotage the cure.

    However, the show’s creators may decide to leave us in on a particular scene; incitement incident The last of us part two. This means that the first season will end when a certain character – Abby Anderson – bursts onto the scene and brutally kills Joel in front of Ellie, thus sending Ellie on a bloody quest for revenge. Tommy and Ellie pursue Abby into the wilderness, encountering military factions, religious cults, and romantic entanglements.

    Season 2 of The Last of Us: The Last of Us

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    Suppose the second season of The last of us It picks up in a similar location where the second video game begins. We can expect the big names to return: Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller and Gabriel Luna as Tommy Miller. And we can only hope that the creative duo of Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann return as well. And even though the next season will take place somewhat far in the future, Bella Ramsey isn’t being recast. Even though she plays a 14-year-old girl, Ramsay is 19, which would already make her about the same age as her character next season.

    Fans should prepare for some controversy with the new members of this cast, as the actor who portrays Abby Anderson will likely receive some serious hate mail. No one has been officially chosen yet. But, if Laura Bailey’s performance in The last of us part two Is any indication of what we might see in the second season of the series, this actress better have some thick skin.

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    We all know that popular video games and TV series often have toxic fans who can be ignorant and aggressive. And when The last of us part two Came out, was no exception. The actor who plays Abby Anderson has received death threats. Video game critics praised her convincing performance, but it may have been so convincing that fans emailed her hateful barbs and insults. Unfortunately, some of these fans may be so caught up in the game that they tend to confuse fantasy with reality when someone kills their favorite character. And if any previous TV series spoke of things to come, we can expect the same thing to happen here.

    Much of the toxic criticism has also centered around the character’s atypical, feminine nature. Abby had a particularly muscular body and tended to act more masculine than some people would consider “normal”. As a result, people seemed angrier at the computer-generated character than at any writer or actor. But anyone who volunteers to play Abby Anderson should be warned that she is especially divisive.

    The Last of Us Season 2: Release Date

    The last of us

    There is currently no release date for Season 2 The last of us. But if production times for the first season are any indication, we can expect to wait a few years.

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