The plot in Avatar 5 hints at a sinister failure for a major series

    News about a story Avatar 5 It’s already been brought up, but there’s one hint that shows the series is setting up a major sinister fail. Avatar: Water Road It established that the human villains in the franchise are far from finished, and will likely keep coming back in the upcoming sequel to the franchise. While this is an exciting prospect, it also brings up significant story conflict Avatar 5.

    Avatar: Water Road It was the big comeback for symbol picture franchise for the big screen, and setting up three more sequels that will peak Avatar 5 The year is 2028. Although not much is known about the future story of the series, it will likely continue to explore Pandora’s conflict with the inhabitants of Earth, which has been rendered nearly uninhabitable in symbol picturefictional future. Interestingly, the Sully family can even venture to Earth Avatar 5But this causes a huge problem with the series’ villains.

    Avatar 5 hints that the series’ villains were wrong about how to save Earth

    New exoskeletons for RDA in the Avatar The Way Of Water trailer

    Avatar 5 He’s set to explore Earth like never before, but he’ll also prove the franchise’s villains wrong about how to save Earth. When talking about a story Avatar 5Producer Jon Landau explained that the film will not “I paint a bleak picture of where our world is headedInstead of presenting Earth as a complete dystopia, it appears that… Avatar 5 You’ll paint a picture of hope when exploring the struggling planet. While this would be an interesting change of pace, it would mean that the franchise’s villains were wrong with their Pandora approach.

    through both symbol picture In the films, humans traveled from Earth to Pandora to harvest its natural resources. RDA has excavated the planet and its inhabitants, whaled, burned and killed them, all in the hope that these resources could be used to restore the Earth to its former state. However, as Landau hinted, Avatar 5 It would show that there is a way for Earth to heal itself, rendering the villains’ paths of destruction completely useless.

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    Avatar 5 saving Earth would be perfect for its mission series

    Pandora's tree destruction scene in Avatar-2009-1

    while Avatar 5 Saving Earth may not seem in line with the franchise’s story setting yet, it would actually be perfect for the series’ message. symbol picture It is all about saving the planet, with the first two symbol picture The films revolve around the Na’vi protecting Pandora’s natural environments from human colonization. Using Pandora as a Workaround for Earth in symbol pictureThe environmental message worked, but putting the Earth in the spotlight would make that message even stronger.

    Producer Jon Landau knows that the ability to fix things in a timely manner is key to his subjects symbol picturewhile continuing with the interview to say that symbol picture films “It’s also about the idea that we can change course. ” Avatar 5The Save the Earth story would exemplify this, showing that people on Earth can change from destroying other planets to saving their own. Bring themes and a story symbol picture to Earth is the perfect way to end this series, which is why it’s so exciting that this is happening in Avatar 5.

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