The original Twilight movie plan was going to kill the franchise completely

    the first twilight The movie had a very different plan when the movie was in its early stages of development – one that could easily have screwed up the franchise as a whole. Based on the fantasy romance series by Stephanie Meyer twilight The saga rose to massive success during the late 2000s and early 2000s. Comprised of four books, the story follows everyday teen Bella Swan to Forks, Washington, where she falls in love with wealthy vampire Edward Cullen and slowly becomes part of his clan. Meyer’s story also included werewolves and an entire vampire history spanning centuries, but the sole focus was on the love between Bella and Edward.

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    the twilight The book series garnered such a following that in 2004 it was decided that Paramount Pictures’ MTV Movies would handle a movie version of the saga. After three years of development, Summit Entertainment acquired the rights, which would create twilight Movies as they are known today. Summit’s version of the tale has spawned five films and grossed over $3.4 billion worldwide, proving that Meyer’s story was an outright commercial success. However, it was twilight Left in Paramount hands, the end result could be disastrous.

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    The plan for the original Twilight movie was very different

    Twilight Bella Edward

    The first film plan penned by Paramount departed from Meyer twilight The book is in myriad ways, so much so that it will no doubt dilute the fledgling franchise. First, the creative team wanted to turn Bella Swan, an ordinary, clumsy high school girl, into a track star and cool vampire hunter. There really are no vampire hunters in Meyer’s world to speak of, with conflicts occurring among vampire barns, and it’s unclear why Paramount would want to take on this bizarre take. buffy-The nice turn when the story was, at its core, a romance. With this forward focus in mind, the twilight The movie also included Bella’s involvement with the FBI.

    last twilight The changes included some serious character deaths, such as those of Charlie and Carlisle. While the point behind Carlisle’s death remains unclear, Charlie (who survived the series) was supposed to die in the first film, and his death would be used to fuel Bella’s fire, so there would be a narrative reason for her to hunt down the vampire bastards. Other strange bits from the unmade version of the movie have been revealed over time, such as the fact that there’s a proposed scene in which evil vampires flee from Bella and the FBI on jet skis. Fortunately, Paramount’s adaptation of twilight I did not see the light of day.

    The original plan for Twilight was going to be a much worse movie

    Charlie and Bella Swan in Twilight New Moon

    Needless to say, the original Paramount twilight The plan for the movie was much worse than Summit Entertainment and Catherine Hardwicke had come up with. First, Paramount could have done serious damage by turning away ardent fans with their very different version of Bella Swan’s vampire story. Stephanie Meyer’s book series was at the height of its popularity when the movies were in development, and it’s surprising that the studio decided to honor those fans by separating it so comically far from its source material that the story is only reminiscent of its predecessor in character names alone.

    Second, Paramount’s proposed ideas for twilight and Colin The beds were very bad. A film about a high school girl who is simultaneously a track star and a vampire hunter, working with the FBI and chasing vampires on jet skis, looks like the plot of a low-budget horror comedy. While it’s clear that the studio wanted to get twilight Series in a direction closer to the powerhouse series Buffy the Vampire Slayerthe heart of the story will be ignored in the action/adventure setting, and their version of twilight It was sure to be a massive flop upon release, killing any idea of ​​the franchise whatsoever.

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    The original Twilight movie plan was never going to lead to such a massive franchise

    Edward and Bella pose as the Twilight crew.

    When katherine hardwick at first twilight The movie hit the screens in 2008, and it was exactly what fans of the books had been waiting for – a faithful adaptation that highlights all the best points in Myers’ story. What wasn’t known, at first, was just how massive this franchise was. twilight It grossed $35.7 million on its opening day alone, prompting Summit Entertainment to announce that production had begun new Moon. It’s hard to even imagine what Paramount originally had in mind for twilight The saga is where the story would have gone if there had been the same number of films, or if it had followed any of Myers’ storylines.

    It’s safe to say that Paramount’s performance of a twilight The franchise will never come close to the epic as it is known today. Based on what is known about their original movie plans, it’s doubtful that a single sequel, let alone an entire series, would have been produced. Between turning away a pre-sale audience and running with a story so different from its source that it’s almost unrecognizable, there’s no question that twilight The franchise wouldn’t be what it is now if Paramount’s original version of the movie came to fruition.

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