The original horror collection for a theatrical re-release this summer

    Less than a year since then Terrifying 2 Left audiences are squeamish, and Art the Clown will make its return to the big screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dread and Iconic Events are working together for the original horrifyingTheatrical re-run. The 2018 film will hit 700 theaters starting July 19, 2023. horrifying It premiered at the Telluride Horror Show Film Festival before hitting a limited number of theaters, making its 2023 release the biggest exposure the film has had.

    Written and directed by Damien Leone, the slasher film tells the story of Art the Clown as he terrorizes three young women on Halloween. The film stars Margaret Reed, Gina Cannell, Katie Maguire, and David Howard Thornton (who reprized the role of Art the Clown in the film’s sequel). Patrick Ewald, CEO of Epic Pictures and Dread, said in a statement:

    When Damian brought Lyon and his team horrifying To Dread Central years ago, we knew the movie was something incredibly special and startlingly terrifying in the best possible way. Now, six years later, with millions of horrifying Fans around the world, we’re thrilled to once again release to the big screen this blood-soaked homage to the old-school horror and madness of the art of clowning.”

    Steve Menken, President and Co-Founder of Iconic Events, added:

    “Every now and then a genre spawns generational talent that breaks the mould. Damien Leone is a visionary director.”

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    Art will return the clown in horror 3

    Terrifying 2 art with a machine gun

    The fascination with the killer clown was amplified with last year’s success Terrifying 2. The film’s popularity and hype was only helped by reports of audience members vomiting and fainting in theaters, and it grossed $15 million worldwide (an impressive feat given its $250,000 production cost). With its earnings and audience response, Terrifying 2 It quickly cemented its position as one of the most successful horror films of 2022.

    The sequel left room for more talk about Art the Clown, The Pale Girl, and Final Girl Sienna Shaw, and horror fans will be happy to know that Leone plans to increase Art the Clown’s screen time even more. Leon said he’s currently working on more of the epic Terrifying 3and that Terrifying 4 Franchise can wind up. Via Twitter, Leon said, “If all goes as planned, Part 3 will be the scariest horrifying this dimension.”

    Fans can enjoy the original horrifying In all of her bloody glory on the big screen starring July 19th. Through a statement, Leone offered some advice to moviegoers: “Let’s see if you can stomach the famous ‘hack scene’ of clown art on the big screen! Be sure to bring your own barf bags.”

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