The NYS Comptroller is investigating the Avon Village police department

    AVON N.Y. (WROC) – The Avon village mayor says the New York State Comptroller’s Office is looking into a bookkeeping and scheduling issue.

    The mayor also confirmed it’s the Police Chief Joseph Geer who handles scheduling.

    At the same time the comptroller is investigating the police chief, the Avon Central School district says the FBI is investigating whether a district service provider submitted false claims for work performed for the district. Geer is also a school resource officer, yet the district did not confirm he is the center of the investigation.

    With the district potentially involved, News 8 went to the Avon Town Board meeting to get reaction from community members Thursday night.

    While the town board did not address the investigations, some of the residents told us what they thought of inquiries.

    “Before we go jumping to conclusions assuming that anybody is guilty that we wait and hear the facts, let the FBI do this investigation and you’re innocent until you’re found guilty,” said Judi Hobbs.

    “I think that if there’s allegations they need to be looked into and I think corrective action needs to be taken if there is some substance to those allegations, “said Kitty Bressington.

    The school district did not say whether Geer was the target of the FBI investigation.
    The comptroller’s office declined to comment on the matter, and we did reach out late this evening to Chief Geer and have yet to hear back.

    Chief Geer is still listed as one of two district resource officers on the district’s website.

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