The new prequel to Grease couldn’t contain the ultimate fans could have desired

    end Grease: The Rise of the Pink Ladies It’s already becoming apparent, but unfortunately, it probably won’t be something fans will be happy with. The main characters of Paramount + fat The prequel series have already set a goal for themselves, which may or may not be the end game for the series. Led by Jane, the titular heroes are bent on ensuring that she wins election to their high school’s student council.

    take place four years ago fatAnd The rise of the pink ladies Documents the formation of the lipid titer group. The series shows the Pink Ladies’ efforts to find a place for themselves at Rydell High and to promote inclusivity among the student body. However, there is one big detail in Paramount+ fat the string pointing to The rise of the pink ladiesAn end is inevitable, and it may not be exhilarating.

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    The story of Rise of the Pink Ladies can’t quite have a happy ending

    The Pink Ladies in Grease Rise of the Pink Ladies

    Over the course of the Paramount+ series, Jane has been running for student council to make Rydell a better place. However, as a result of fatPlot, it’s already been proven that Rydell can’t get better in any meaningful way, giving way to an unhappy ending to the Pink Ladies story. because The rise of the pink ladies he fat A prequel, the series is bound to have a bittersweet ending in order to avoid any fat plot holes. The show mostly revolves around Jane running for Student Council to make Rydell High a more inclusive and accepting place, but as the split between the popular kids and the candidates in fat Proof, nothing will get better in four years.

    Since it is impossible for the Pink Ladies to make a meaningful change in Rydell due to fatIt is unlikely that the Rydell Student Council election will go in favor of the Pink Ladies. So, whether Jane loses the election or wins and is unable to effect lasting change, The rise of the pink ladies The required payoff cannot be. While some audiences may find it unsatisfying, theaters in fat Schedule means it is necessary The rise of the pink ladiesEnd to be less optimistic than fat films the end.

    The rise of the complex end of pink ladies isn’t a bad thing

    Jason Schmidt, Marisa Davila, Ari Notartomaso, Chanel Bailey, Tricia Fukuhara, and Cheyenne Isabel Wells in Grease Rise of the Pink Ladies

    Although it leads to a less satisfying ending, it’s the complicated ending that’s likely to come Grease: The Rise of the Pink Ladies Not necessarily bad. Although it doesn’t lead to an exact result, the Pink Ladies’ passive campaign is more realistic. After all, the Student Council campaign couldn’t quite fix the social unrest that had been brewing throughout the 1950s. This realism might make the end of the story not as interesting if it weren’t for underlying issues, but it helps fat The prequel avoided becoming too nostalgic, which is a pitfall at times prequel. The inevitable failure of the Pink Ladies campaign ensures that the show stays grounded with the proper setting for it fatmaking it a perfect prequel to the original film.

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