The movie Cocaine Cat is wanted by moviegoers after an African wild cat tests positive for cocaine

    Seems like an idea for a sequel cocaine beer Manifested in Ohio. Now in cinemas, the hit movie cocaine beer It has been piling dough in ticket sales, far exceeding its initial forecast. It’s a really weird concept, but it’s based on a true story and, for whatever reason, a movie about a drug-fueled animal that embarks on a bloody rampage became a hit with moviegoers.

    Coincidentally, the following news story arrived about an animal found in the wild with cocaine in its system cocaine beer It is still playing in theatres. Cincinnati’s WLWT reported that area dog guards responded to the calls of a spotted “leopard” in a tree, and when they arrived, they found a large wild cat that was later identified as an African serval. It is illegal to own this type of animal in Ohio, although it is legal in the neighboring states of Indiana and Kentucky.

    The animal, named Amiri, was safely recovered and taken to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens for treatment. It was there that my prince tested positive for cocaine exposure. Fortunately, it looks like he’ll be fine with the care he’s getting, and the plan is for my prince to transfer to the zoo’s Cat Ambassador program to work with trainers once he’s fully recovered. It is indicated in the report that Malik Al-Amiri was a collaborator and that the dog guards do not press charges.

    “We are very proud of the work that was done in this case by the dog guards and medical staff and deeply appreciate the Cincinnati Zoo for providing the care my Prince needs,” said Ray Anderson, Cincinnati Animal Welfare Community Engagement Director of the situation.

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    Does Cocaine Bear have the substance he needs now for a sequel?

    Cocaine bear 2023 global poster
    Universal Pictures

    It wasn’t long until this story made some impact on the internet, which led to many suggestions to turn this into a movie called Cocaine cat in spirit cocaine beer. This isn’t outside the realm of possibility, either cocaine beer Writer Jamie Warden told us he wants the story to continue in potential spin-offs and follow-up films. Now this possibility Cocaine cat The movie will also be able to tell that it’s coming from a true story, and that’s definitely one direction he and director Elizabeth Banks could take with the next movie.

    “I haven’t finished cocaine beer epic so far, but as for spin-offs, I’ve seen some great ideas in corners of the internet,” Warden tells us. It seems like we’re going to have every animal in existence taking cocaine until we come full circle and make movies about humans doing it again. Then we move on to MDMA, ayahuasca, etc. There is no limit.”

    cocaine beer It is now being shown in cinemas. As for Cocaine catTime will tell if that happens or not, but you can see some fan requests for the movie to be made below.

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