The most powerful characters in the franchise, ranked

    The Lord of the Rings universe has influenced pop culture for a significant period of time, starting with print. The longevity of J.R.R. Tolkien’s work has helped reach multiple generations, passing on these timeless stories in increasingly new interpretations. the original Lord of the rings The trilogy brought this fantasy world to the silver screen in the 2000s, kicking off an exemplary franchise that continued when The hobbit It was adapted into three separate movies during 2010. Amazon released it recently rings of power The series brought this world back into our brains again.

    While the Lord of the Rings universe has been criticized for not including many female characters or positive representations of characters of color, Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power Fortunately, it incorporated more non-white actors and better representation as a whole. The impact of each actor’s performance brings unforgettable depth to their portrayals of characters from Tolkien’s tales. Looking back across the board, these are the strongest characters in the Lord of the Rings franchise, ranked.

    10 Frodo Baggins

    The One Ring falls on Frodo in The Lord of the Rings
    New Line Cinema

    The growth Frodo displays is a transition from innocence and naivety to his life experience, as he eventually comes to possess the One Ring and bear its burden. As the main protagonist of the first trilogy, his initially childish and carefree spirit from adolescence in Hobbiton is transformed into a sense of heaviness by the hardships he has to endure. Elijah Wood’s excellence as an actor really comes through in this role, as he defines Frodo’s character development and maturity through the Ring’s influence on him.

    9 Erwin

    Liv Tyler in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.
    New Line Cinema

    As the daughter of Elrond and Aragorn’s eventual partner, Arwen’s shifting identity helps develop her character. Without her actions and timely assistance at just the right time, the effectiveness of the Fellowship Journey would have definitely suffered. She directs viewers to Rivendell as she rescues Frodo, becoming a fountain of peace in such troubled times. Collider’s article argues that the event “provides Arwen with an opportunity to play a role in the story beyond a love interest”. In any case, it is a piece of a puzzle inside a well-oiled machine the Lord of the Rings He is.

    8 Legolas

    Orlando Bloom in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.
    New Line Cinema

    Expertly wielding a bow and arrow as Legolas does is enough to make him a crowd favorite, especially since he always looks grounded in the process. With Orlando Bloom largely driving the character’s positive reputation, Middle-earth’s most famous elf is an excellent asset in battle as well as a fellowship. He is a loyal companion with a defensive nature and a driving core who brings his arrows’ targets to their targets with experience.

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    7 Thorin Oakenshield

    Thorin battles in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
    Pictures Warner Bros

    Burly and sympathetic, Thorin entered Oakenshield An Unexpected Journey At Bilbo’s front door. His sense of responsibility and command excellence make him the ideal candidate to lead their expedition to the Lonely Mountain. Richard Armitage’s muscular stature and looks make his portrayal of Thorin feel natural, conveying the character’s rugged, overburdened look as the adventure intensifies.

    6 Gandalf

    Ian McKellen as Gandalf in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
    Pictures Warner Bros

    Gandalf’s strength is subtle in many moments, and overtly powerful in others. As a wizard who is wiser than many of the others he encounters, playing the iconic Ian McKellen brings home the credibility of this storied character. His old-fashioned exterior uniquely interacts with his quirky sense of humor and serious attitude of commitment that he shows when needed. As someone who can conjure up magical events from ordinary moments, his intellectual and spiritual powers are often outwardly subtle, yet impressive.

    5 Galadriel

    Cate Blanchett in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.
    New Line Cinema

    Galadriel’s fortitude lies in part in the peaceful presence she emits, instilling a sense of calm in those with whom she interacts. The full power that her mundane looks suggested seemed a bit dim rings of power — as a piece of Polygon argues, “In its quest to make Galadriel relatable to a character… [the show has her] She feels toothless, vainly petty, and worst of all, inept. But the calm, intuitive Galadriel we get to know from the original films is still there in her personality, waiting to evolve as she gets older.

    4 Aragorn

    Aragorn Lord of the Rings The Return of the King
    New Line Cinema

    Aragorn is one of the few characters with a frequent representation of man, who brings an explanation of realistic human behavior into a fantasy world. Besides his tough and handsome looks, his righteous heart drives his actions behind his initially sultry exterior. A natural leader, he fits in perfectly with the collegiality, bringing his loyal and protective personality to the battle of their quest. in The return of the kingAragon rose to his well-deserved stature, and eventually became King of the West.

    3 Bilbo Baggins

    Bilbo carries a glowing bite
    Pictures Warner Bros

    As an older relative of Frodo and the main character of The hobbit novel and its three films, Middle-Earth would have been different without Bilbo Baggins. Martin Freeman’s portrayal brings a nervous energy to the inexperienced robber, working through his lack of faith in his own strength as his story progresses and his character develops. This attitude seems to have mostly fizzled out during his scattered appearances in the original Lord of the Rings trilogy, where he was played by Ian Holm. He becomes much braver than he first appears, after taking on a literal dragon and reclaiming a kingdom.

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    2 Samwise Game

    Lord of the rings, the two towers, same thing, gamgee
    New Line Cinema

    As Frodo’s closest companion, Samwise Gamgee serves as both emotional and physical support throughout their journey to Mordor. Frodo is inspired by his speech at the end The Two TowersPutting things into important perspective. in The return of the kingFrodo probably wouldn’t have climbed to the top of Mount Doom without Sam offering to carry him. Despite leaving his familiar surroundings of danger before them, Sam has always been a steady and reliable figure, with his strength undeniably increasing over time.

    1 Ewen

    Miranda Otto in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.
    New Line Cinema

    The depth of Ewen as a character revolves around the most iconic and positive representation of strong women in Tolkien’s work. In one of the most memorable scenes to emerge from audiences’ adventures in Middle-earth, Ewen (Miranda Otto) faces off against the Witch King, who maintains that “no man can kill me.” Ewen rips off her helmet, letting go of her long hair as she says, “I’m not a man!” Throughout the series, her character faces a wide range of different challenges that would give any woman pause, but she navigates life-changing circumstances with courage and tenacity.

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