The James Bond producer presents all the acting and filming rumors smashed into one sentence

    As an AI language model, I do not have access to the most up-to-date news and rumors in real-time. However, based on the information you provided, it appears that there are rumors circulating about the upcoming Bond 26 movie, and that Barbara Broccoli, the longtime producer of the James Bond franchise, has recently made a statement related to those rumors.

    Without further details, it’s difficult to say what specifically the situation with Bond 26 is or what rumors are currently circulating. It’s not uncommon for rumors and speculation to surround major movie franchises, particularly those with a long history and dedicated fanbase.

    As for Barbara Broccoli, she is a well-respected producer who has been involved with the Bond franchise for many years, and her involvement in Bond 26 could suggest that the movie is in good hands. However, until more information is available, it’s difficult to say what impact her involvement will have on the movie or the franchise as a whole.

    James Bond's gun barrel sequence with Daniel Craig

    The internet never stays away from a good rumor about who could be the next star to take on a role James Bond. Since the announcement that Daniel Craig would be leaving the franchise, as it turned out in the last Bond actor-ever method, social media has seen every high-profile actor from Henry Cavill to Reggie Jean Page and Aaron Taylor-Johnson being in the frame at one point or another. However, longtime Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has once again put the brakes on the runaway rumor train, which has been surging again in the past few weeks.

    There have been many rumors and backlash lately regarding the search for the next Bond film turning towards Taylor-Johnson as the front-runner to take on the super spy role, in what was at one point rumored to be a re-imagining of Bond as a younger character. However, while speaking to LADBible, Broccoli shot down all the rumors that are currently doing the rounds with a little update on where the franchise reboot is currently. She said:

    Today’s movie

    • “No, we haven’t even started sending yet. There isn’t even a script.”

    While many rumors have suggested that development of the next installment of the Bond franchise is in full swing, this appears not to be the case. For that reason, talking about who will take the helm in Bond 26 is clearly going to take a long time.


    Idris Elba says he’s the next James Bond: I’m not going to be that guy

    Bond 26 will not be rushed in the wake of Daniel Craig’s departure

    Daniel Craig as James Bond in an Aston Martin DB5
    Sony Pictures

    It’s not unusual for a Bond franchise to take a break between actors and on a number of occasions, the franchise has taken a few years to decide on their next star and the direction it would take. It’s yet to be revealed how the next iteration of the character will arrive on the big screen, but as the franchise approaches its 60th anniversary, it’s clear James Bond still has a lot of miles to go.

    Daniel Craig’s final appearance No time to die confirmed that his version of the action hero had reached its final conclusion, with Bond dying in Blaze of Glory. Being something that hadn’t been done before in the franchise, it certainly paved the way for a complete reset of the Bond story since the change of actor didn’t necessarily bring with it an entirely new timeline. For example, the character M has repeatedly leaked through different eras, the most recent being Dame Judi Dench’s M who was in place for both Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig until she was replaced by Ralph Fiennes.

    Based on Broccoli’s latest update, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that we probably won’t see Bond 26 hit cinemas until at least 2026. Until then, let the speculation about the lucky seventh actor to take on the role continue.

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