The death of each tribute, ranked in order of the worst ways of dying

    Forcing children and teens to fight each other to the death until there is only one victor, just because your previous political system didn’t work, is perhaps one of the most deranged ideas a dystopian world can commit to. One the hunger Games It was executed perfectly in the first movie adaptation back in 2012. What’s even more complicated is that while these kids are mercilessly killing each other, it’s televised and everyone is obligated to watch. Rich people treat gaming as sports they can bet on (and even practice).

    But, as we watch movies as viewers, there are definitely some ways we wouldn’t want to die if we were in the arena. These are the worst ways Tribute has died in hunger Games franchise.

    12 foxface

    Foxface Hunger Games (1)

    Although her real name was not foxfaceWe were talking about honoring the females from District 5 in this way because Katniss gave her the nickname due to her malevolent looks. It was said that she was one of the smartest of the Hunger Games 74. Instead of using her powers to fight, she kept using her brains, beating everyone else. We know that she was quick to calculate the situation and apply the circumstances to herself.

    What’s interesting is that despite her proficient knowledge of various plants, she died by eating nocturnal berries which are known to be poisonous. Although it is not stated in the films, upon finding her dead in the books, Peeta and Katniss wonder if she did it on purpose. It’s definitely a quick way to go.

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    11 Glitter

    flashing hunger games

    Winning the 63rd Hunger Games did not secure Glitter (played by Alan Ritchson) A life without dangers. As a male tribute from District 1, Gloss and his sister, Kashmir, trained at special schools to survive the Hunger Games—all known as tributes by profession. As privileged as it may be, The Quarter Quell allowed us to see a sense of unity among the tributes. Katniss even goes out with him, calling him polite but cold.

    Show how betrayed he feels by bringing him back inside again. It was obvious that he would ally with the Career group and go after Katniss’s team once inside the games. Before he was killed by an arrow to his chest/heart by Katniss, Gloss managed to take Wiress with him.

    10 marvel

    Hunger games marvel

    marvel He was also a male tribute from District 1, a minor antagonist in the first hunger Games Film and member of the job package. During The 74th Hunger Games, he teams up with other profession honors from District 1 and District 2 (in addition to Peeta) to hunt down Katniss and show their superiority. Although it was described as not the sharpest tool, it showed great strength and ability in combat. He was especially great at handling spears. Once there are not many Honors left, Katniss and Rue hatch a plan to destroy the Career Pack supply. While doing so, Marvel finds them and after throwing his spear into a street, Katniss manages to shoot and kill him with one of her arrows. She was quick and efficient, but continued to haunt Katniss in her nightmares as her first kill.

    9 Wired

    The Hunger Games Whereas (1)

    As a female tribute from District 3 – one very good at science and technology – Wired He was very smart and won games before he was selected in Quell’s Quarter. She wasn’t a woman with many words, but she was instantly liked. Although no one wanted her to be her ally in the Games, Katniss immediately chose her for her team. At first, she is considered useless, but she uses her wits to figure out the structure and rules of the Seventy-fifth Hunger Games, which eventually helps Katniss’ team plan the defeat of the Career Pack. Immediately after contributing her knowledge, she has her throat slashed by Gloss. Seems like a quick way to bleed.

    8 Glasses

    The Hunger Games mugs

    Glasses She is an old lady from District 4 who, after winning the eleventh Hunger Games, then volunteers to save Annie Krista decades later in the 75th Hunger Games. She didn’t really speak much because of a stroke she may have had in the past, but her kindness of heart faded nonetheless. She joins Katniss’ group alongside Finnick, who harbors a deep love and appreciation for the elderly woman. When a toxic mist is sent to Katniss’ squad, Mags quickly realizes it’s a liability holding them back. She says goodbye to Finnick and, despite his protests, sacrifices herself for the Flock by walking into the mist, dying quickly.

    7 street

    Hunger Street (1)

    street (played by Amandla Stenberg) She was only 12 years old when she was chosen as the District 11 female honoree for the 74th Hunger Games. She was the eldest daughter in her extended family. Katniss was immediately drawn to her, as Roo was the same age as her younger sister Primrose, and was often reminded of her. Street was great at noticing the tribute’s strengths and weaknesses. She was fast and managed to get past her charts.

    Once Rue helps Katniss get rid of the Career Pack, they stick together and naturally form a team. After successfully destroying the Career Pack’s supply, Rue is caught in a trap. Although Katniss initially saves her, Marvel manages to find their whereabouts and kills Roo by throwing a spear into her stomach. Ro dies while Katniss is singing a song to her. Her death became one of the reasons that prompted Katniss to take an active part in the revolution.

    6 cloves

    Clove Hunger Games

    As a female tribute from District 2 in The 74th Hunger Games, cloves He acted as a secondary antagonist in the first hunger Games film. She was cruel, sadistic, and extremely talented with knives. Death and killing never bothered her. On the contrary, she seems to be enjoying it. During training, Clove showed off her skills and kept running around the Career Pack, which would later become her in-arena team. They hunted down other corpses to kill in cold blood and Katniss was one of their targets.

    When Clove and Cato are the only two left of the Career Pack, Clove is sent to the Feast to retrieve something they need. She confronts Katniss, and a big fight ensues. Katniss is saved by Thresh, who kills Clove by smashing her skull as revenge on Rue.

    5 Morphling female

    The Hunger Games are transforming

    Morphling female Also known as the female homage from District 6, she was a character who won unspecified Hunger Games by disguising herself. After winning, she became addicted to transformation. In the arena, she didn’t have many weapons to defend herself. Its only weapon is camouflage. It wasn’t clear if she was planning to hide until the end and change her mind to save Peeta, or if she was in on the plan all along. Either way, during the orange monkey attack, she jumps in to save Beta from the attack, which results in her death with numerous scratches and bites from the monkey. Although she died looking into the sunset, it seemed like a long, painful death.

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    4 Lesson

    Thirty Hunger Death Games (1)

    Lesson It was a tribute to the physically strong male from District 11 in the 74th Hunger Games. He posed a serious threat to others, and did an extremely good job within the arena. He wasn’t very talkative, and instead focused on staying alive. We don’t see him throughout the games, until he appears to get revenge on Rue and let Katniss go just once because of Rue too. Later in the movie, we hear him scream after the mutant wolves are released into the arena, presumably ripping him apart.

    3 Finick

    Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games, played by Sam Claflin

    Finick He was a fandom favorite, and his death was saddened by everyone. As a male from District 4, he was the youngest winner of the game, winning it at the age of 14. Despite his cocky attitude, Finnick was good-hearted and skilled in combat. Fortunately, he was a survivor of the Quarter Quails. Before his death, fortunately, he married the love of his life in District 13, Annie Christa. He then joined the Second Rebellion, being torn apart by the Lizard Mutants after saving the others. Katniss throws a bomb at him to hasten his death.

    2 Cato

    The Hunger Games Cato

    Cato He was the main protagonist of the 74th Hunger Games and a male tribute from District 2. He naturally became the leader of the Career group and one of the most powerful tributes. With the many skills he acquired during his long training, Kato was able to kill most of the other Honors. As soon as he was left alone, the werewolf mutant appeared, chasing Kato out of the woods and bringing us to the final fight scene.

    Despite his bloody condition, Kato fights Peeta and Katniss to the end. Katniss shoots him with her arrow as Peeta pushes him off the cornucopia where the shapeshifters were waiting below. Kato demands to be put out of his misery, so Katniss shoots him in the head while he is being eaten alive.

    1 ray

    The Hunger Games Career Bundle

    Of course, the worst way to die is definitely to be stung to death by trackers like ray an act. As a female tribute from District 2, she was part of the Career group that hunts down Katniss. While they are asleep, with Rue’s help, Katniss drops a nest of Tracker Bombers on them. The numerous stings caused her to collapse, screaming for help, and jerking as she slowly succumbed to death. leaving her body unknown.

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