The Big Bang Theory star reveals the secret details on Penny and Amy’s painting

    Mayim Bialik revealed secret details on Benny and Amy The Big Bang Theory Drawing, makes artwork funnier. After years of living without any friend group, Amy is grateful to have Penny and Bernadette in her life. But while both were important to her, she was specifically drawn to Penny, believing that she was the coolest because of her real-world experience and intelligence. To celebrate the anniversary of their friendship, Amy gave Penny a painting of the two of them that she had ordered for $3,000.

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    the The Big Bang Theory The painting featured Amy smiling while Penny smiled awkwardly. The illustration was huge and quickly became one of the sitcom’s most memorable props. In Jessica Radloff’s book The Big Bang Theory: The final inside story of the epic hit seriesBialik talked about the painting and revealed that there were details in it that were a last-minute addition. Apparently, Amy’s hand on Penny’s shoulder wasn’t there originally which is why it looked so big.

    Its size was definitely shocking the first time I saw it because it really is enormous. Callie and I brought up some pictures that the painter drew on, but my hand wasn’t over her shoulder originally, so that was added. But for whatever reason, if you look too close, she sure doesn’t look like a woman who delivers. It’s definitely not mine. And so every time I look at it, all I can see is this giant hand!

    The location of the Big Bang Theory sketch Amy and Penny remains a mystery

    A painting of Amy and Penny presented by Amy at TBBT

    Originally , The Big Bang Theory The painting was in Benny’s apartment. She had no choice but to take it, knowing her refusal would break Amy’s heart. However, after she moved into Apartment 4A while Amy and Sheldon started living together in her old apartment, the oversized illustration changed locations as well. For a while, the friendship board seemed to end in a larger apartment with the Hofstadters, but shortly after the exchange, The Big Bang Theory She reveals that she has moved back into her old place in Apartment 4B. The sitcom didn’t make a big fuss about this detail.

    It is unclear if this was an honest mistake by those involved with the show, or if it was intentional. In real life, however, the The Big Bang Theory The painting is on display in Chuck Lorre’s office. She recently appeared in A.J Young Sheldon Backstage photo with actress Missy Raygan Rayford. Looking at it now, it looks like Amy’s hand wasn’t supposed to be there. Although, it actually makes drawing funnier. It’s almost as if Amy asked it out at the last minute in an effort to make it seem like she’s closer to Penny.

    For the longest time, Sheldon’s love interest was her friend W.J The Big Bang Theory The painting was her way of showing how much she appreciated their friendship. The good thing is that Penny was mostly generous about Amy’s obsession, which is why she eventually accepted the illustration. after the end The Big Bang TheoryNo updates are given on how the Pasadena Gang is performing right now. Young Sheldon Fans have given clues about the state of Sheldon and Amy’s marriage, but there’s been no word on whether they’re still close friends with the Hofstadters. Maybe CBS can provide new info on them when The Big Bang Theory spinoff on max access.

    Source: The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series. Source: The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series

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