The best movies about getaway drivers, ranked

    What movies about getaway drivers would their creators regularly choose to make their heroes nameless? Often known simply as “The Driver” or “The Driver,” maintaining a sense of mystery and mystery about their personality seems to be crucial to their credibility behind the wheel. It’s like naming your pet cat, “cat”; Either it’s incredibly lacking in creativity or an ingenious way to maintain the appeal of a profession that’s known for its adrenaline-pumping stunts and gritty nature.

    In the cases of these movies, it’s almost certainly the last, as they all fall into the category of hot-blooded, hard-boiled, action-packed, drive-away classics that combine some of the most skillful stunts ever seen on the big screen, with some of the most impressive camera work. A talent that creates aesthetically pleasing action thrillers. Let’s take a look at the best movies about holiday driving…

    Today’s movie

    5 Wellman

    Wheelman Review: Goes fast and gets furious

    netflix original image, WellmanAnd It has flown tremendously under the radar, and has a terrific performance from Frank Grillo, who plays the central character, Wellman. Lonand, this movie is another low-budget neo-noir crime thriller with edge, unpredictability aplenty.

    It tells the tale of a highly accomplished getaway driver who, after a bank robbery goes wrong, discovers he has been double-crossed. It is as much a story of revenge as it is a story about the perils and perils of being behind the wheel of high-stakes robberies. A really cool and exciting movie that combines elements of lok And the driver.

    4 italian job

    The chase scene in The Italian Job, 1964
    Oakhurst Productions

    In one of the ultimate heist films of the 1960s, Michael Caine appears in one of his most memorable performances as London gangster and ex-prisoner, Charlie Crocker. Fresh from a spell at one of her majesty’s prisons, new Charlie is aided by several ex-convicts with experience in large-scale robberies, including crime boss Mr. Bridger (played by the legendary Noel Coward).

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    After planning to carry out the gold bullion heist in Rome with his partner Roger, it soon becomes apparent that Roger has been murdered by the Mafia, and Charlie must carry out the task himself. While not solely based on the getaway, italian job It has one of the most iconic scenes in cinema history, as three Mini Coopers dressed in Union Jack’s colors race through the streets of Rome in an attempt to evade police capture.

    3 child driver

    New Kid Driver trailer takes Ansel Elgort on a high-speed chase
    Sony Pictures

    After eclipsing the British film with the first two parts of the Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy, Edgar Wright made the trek across the Atlantic to Hollywood in order to plow the furrow of filmmaking elsewhere with 2010. Scott Pilgrim vs. the Worldbefore returning after seven years with 2017 child driver. With a killer soundtrack blended with rock ‘n’ roll, R&B, and classic jazz, Ansel Elgort plays young driver Baby.

    After inadvertently stealing a mob boss’s car, Baby is in debt and must make it up to him through a series of daring robberies with a number of morally deformed individuals. child driver is a hugely enjoyable film, one that manages to bring the sex appeal of Hollywood filmmaking while simultaneously staying true to Wright’s antics and banter that got him into big-budget filmmaking in the first place. It’s an action movie that definitely deserves a sequel.

    2 the driver

    Driver 1978
    Twentieth Century Fox

    the driver It was originally written with Steve McQueen in mind for the titular role of Chauffeur, which would have undoubtedly made the film better and more commercially viable; However, Ryan O’Neal was later cast as the lead in the 1978 new crime drama.

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    the driver Cuts the story of an unknown man who is regularly recruited by criminal organizations to work as a getaway driver for a notorious Los Angeles bank robbery, yet soon finds himself the subject of a police investigation and sting operation. It’s effortlessly cool, dressed in a Ray-Ban pilot, shown on the TV outside a hotel window, a staple of its genre, and a reference title with two amazing performances from O’Neal and Bruce Dern.

    1 driving

    Ryan Gosling in Drive (2011)
    Film District

    Ryan Gosling has perfectly mastered his niche as the laconic, temperamental and cold-blooded action star. Wasting little energy on spoken utterances, often with a straight, unreadable face, gray man Lead was completely obscure in 2011 drivingA role that catapulted him into the industry. The neo-noir crime drama, with its low-key neon sheen, deeply embedded in this flowery shade is a feast of atmosphere.

    Against the backdrop of Los Angeles, Nicholas Winding Refn’s film arguably translates best into an LED-clad Las Vegas, with its many stunts and dimly lit backstreets. The film tells the story of an unnamed man (Gosling) who is a stuntman by day and a getaway driver for the Los Angeles criminal underworld by night. After falling in love with the wife of a career criminal, Erin (Carey Mulligan), he is forced to step in to protect her and her son from the violence her husband Standard (Oscar Isaac) brings to their doorstep.

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