The best hidden gems on Disney+

    Sometimes, you may feel like you’ve seen everything there is to see. You’ve already watched your favorite show a few times, and recently watched all the usual great movies the last time you got bored. What about something you haven’t seen? Well, the next episode of this new show won’t be released until Wednesday, and this seemingly intriguing movie won’t premiere until next month. There isn’t always new content to entertain you, but maybe some forgotten rough diamonds are just what you’re looking for.

    However, no one wants to scroll aimlessly through the Disney+ catalog in search of a special movie or show that catches your eye. Instead of wasting your time, here are 12 Disney+ movies and shows that never fail to entertain.

    1 Boy meets world

    Boy Meets World cast includes Daniel Fishel as Topanga
    Buena Vista Television

    classic show from the 90s, Boy meets world It follows Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) as he navigates life. The show covers everything from being a little kid, starting high school, falling in love and getting married, and learning to face all the challenges of the world with hope. The series is filled with a large cast of hilarious characters, like Cory’s brother, Eric (Will Friedel), and his best friend and bad boy, Sean (Ryder Strong). While Corey’s life is full of laughs and gags, it also covers some of the darker experiences of growing up, like heartbreak and facing death for the first time. run for seven seasons, Boy meets world It will give you a lot of entertainment for a long time.

    2 James and the Giant Peach

    James and the Giant Peach
    Buena Vista Photo Distribution

    Based on a children’s book by Roald Dahl, James and the Giant Peach (1996) is basically a stop-motion animation full of bright colors, vibrant character designs, and quirky songs that are bound to stick in your head long after you’ve finished watching the movie. James (Paul Terry) is a young boy who is given the chance to leave his bleak life behind when he gets sucked into an adventure with giant talking bugs who live in a giant peach. Directed by Henry Selleck (Coraline, The Nightmare Before Christmas), James and the Giant Peach It is a unique and interesting movie that you can watch when you need to cure boredom.

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    3 behind gravity


    behind gravity It is a documentary series all about Disney parks. Each episode analyzes the history of a popular attraction from one or more theme parks around the world. Want to know more about the eighth wonder of the world, back water? Well, scroll down to the episode about all things Jungle Cruise. Do you know which of the 999 spirits did not end up in the Haunted Mansion? Perhaps you are curious as to which Disney castle has a giant dragon in the caverns below? If you are a fan of Disney parks, or even love learning about history, this show is the perfect choice.

    4 Tarzan


    despite of Tarzan is a fairly well-known Disney movie that often gets lost in the long list of Disney animated films. It follows the classic story of Tarzan (Tony Goldwyn), a man raised in the jungles of Africa. Living among the gorillas, Tarzan has no memory of his human parents, or any other human like him. When a group of explorers come to study the gorillas, Tarzan is torn between the family he grew up with or people like himself. The movie is full of beautiful animation and hilarious characters. Although not technically a musical, Tarzan It features many famous songs performed by Phil Collins.

    5 DuckTales (2017)

    Duck Tales
    Buena Vista Television

    Reboot DuckTales The series is bound to entertain. Just like the original show from the 80’s, DuckTales It follows the McDuck family as they go on all kinds of bizarre adventures in search of treasure. The unique animation style is reminiscent of comic book graphics, giving it a nostalgic feel, despite having more advanced animation technology than the original show. With a talented cast of voice actors, including David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck, DuckTales is an exciting show to watch.

    6 The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride

    Pride The Lion King II Simba
    Walt Disney Home Video

    original animation the the king lion It is arguably one of the most iconic Disney films, and although the sequel is not well known, The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride It’s just an engaging story. Simba’s daughter, Kiara (Neve Campbell), falls in love with Kovu (Jason Marsden), a lion raised to finish what Scar started in the first film. Their budding love makes them wonder if they are destined to be like their family, or if they can break the cycle and bring peace to the Pride Lands. Don’t worry, just like the original movie, this story has a happier ending than its Shakespearean counterpart.

    7 Titanic: 20 Years Later with James Cameron

    Titanic lifeboats
    Paramount Pictures

    James Cameron’s name will always be associated with him TitanicAn iconic film based on a true tragedy. in Titanic: 20 Years Later with James CameronAnd Viewers who are fascinated by history can dive deeper into the story behind the film. Since Cameron’s work was technically a piece of fiction, certain characters and details were invented to serve the story. In a real behind-the-scenes twist, the events of the movie and how they happened may be the key to understanding how the true sinking of the Goliath ship happened. In this short documentary, James Cameron revisits the making of… Titanic and the consequences of his storytelling choices, good or bad.

    8 The black cauldron

    A scene from The Black Cauldron
    Buena Vista distribution

    The black cauldron It is undoubtedly one of Disney’s darkest animated films, a major reason it didn’t do well when it was released in 1985. However, the gritty fantasy adventure is becoming more popular with modern audiences. It follows Taran (Grant Bardsley), a young boy who must stop the Horned King (John Hurt) from obtaining the titular Black Cauldron and using its powers for evil. While it might be a bit too intense for very young viewers, it’s an excellent choice for fans who want a Disney movie that feels a little older.

    9 Prop culture

    Prop Culture Disney Plus Original

    Another Disney+ original documentary series, Prop culture It is for those who want to know more about how their favorite movies are made. Each episode focuses on a select Disney movie as Dan, the host of the show, tracks down the various props used in the movie. from Pirates of the Caribbean to Muppets movie to Mary PoppinsThere’s an episode for almost every Disney fan out there. Certain episodes allow viewers an exclusive look at the elusive Disney archives.

    10 The Emperor’s New Life

    Emperor's New Groove Yzma and Kronk
    The Walt Disney Company

    Another more popular, yet still underrated, movie is The Emperor’s New Life. Emperor Kuzco’s (David Spade) arrogant demeanor finally catches up to him when Yzma (Ertha Kitt), his magical potion-inclined royal advisor, turns him into a llama. Well, you didn’t mean to completely turn him into a llama, but just like the rest of the plot, nothing ever goes according to plan. The Emperor’s New Life It’s a simple yet hilarious movie that’s perfect when you want to relax and just laugh.

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    11 Guardians of the Galaxy (2015)

    Guardians of the Galaxy Animated Series trailer unites the team
    Disney XD

    the Guardians of the Galaxy The movie franchise has become a well-known and beloved offshoot of Marvel. with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Set for release soon, fans can dive deeper into the story of the alien group through animation Guardians of the Galaxy Displays. Although they feature a different cast than the films, each character has the same charms and quirks that audiences have come to love from the live-action iteration. In the show, the Guardians are searching for a powerful weapon called Cosmic Speed. On their journey, they team up with famous heroes like Spider-Man, Thor, and Howard the Duck. Familiar enemies also appear throughout the show, such as the infamous trickster Loki, Venom, and the slightly insane Grandmaster.

    12 That darn cat! (1965)

    That darn cat!  (1965)
    Walt Disney Productions

    What do you get when you mix a bank robber, a curious cat, and an FBI agent with a severe allergy to kittens? That darn cat! Darn Cat, or DC for short, is a house cat who loves to roam the neighborhood in search of a snack. When his owners realize he’s been going back every night to some hidden bank robbers, hoping they’ll have a little food for him, they call the FBI and let DC lead them in solving the case. This movie is perfect for cat lovers, as any cat owner can understand DC’s mischief over a small snack, or in some scenes, a whole goose. Regardless, the film’s humor and charisma still hold many decades later. If you’re interested in a more modern iteration of the story, it was remade in 1997.

    Whether you need a quick idea to catch a movie on a night before the popcorn gets cold or a show to save you from endless hours of boredom, there’s something on this list for everyone.

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