The Best Film Writers of All Time, Ranked

    What movie doesn’t have a brilliantly composed score? In some cases, undoubtedly less experience. imagine Lord of the rings Without the score that inflates the fellowship adventure. imagine The Dark Knight Without its exciting and tense scores. Both films wouldn’t be as epic or memorable as they are, without the iconic scores that accompany them.

    Film scores are a criminally underrated aspect of filmmaking, and are an integral part of filmmaking. The best scores will awaken many raw feelings in the masses. Whether it’s making movies feel bigger, more exciting, or making viewers shed a tear or two. Film composers never get the praise they really deserve, and many great composers have put together outstanding scores, yet their names are not known to many viewers. So, to give some great film composers some love, here are the best of all time.

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    12 Alan Silvestri

    Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner and Mark Buffalo in The Avengers
    Walt Disney Studios

    Frequent collaborator with Robert Zemeckis, Alan Silvestri He has provided his work for many famous films. Silvestri worked on both forrest gump And pole clarification It led to two Academy Award nominations, as well as two Golden Globe Award nominations. However, his most famous works come from Back to the future Trilogy and the massive theme in 2012 The Avengers.

    11 Danny Elfman

    Batman (1989) - Batman
    Distributed by Warner Bros.

    Danny ElfmanGothic style is often heard in collaborations with beloved filmmakers Sam Raimi and Tim Burton. Made by Burton’s 1989 Marvelous Batman Theme Batmanto Remy’s first two Spider Man films. His work can also be found in award-winning films Goodwill hunting And leben. And did we mention Elfman is responsible for The Simpsons Trait? The celebrated composer has received accolades, including four Academy Award nominations, two Emmy Awards, a Grammy Award, and seven Saturn Awards. As a frequent author of Disney flicks, in 2015 Elfman received the Disney Legend Award; An extremely rare prize to own.

    10 John Barry

    James Bond's gun barrel sequence with Daniel Craig

    British composer John Barry He is perhaps best known for creating the James Bond theme in 1962 Doctor no, and 24 films later, its iconic theme remains. Barry was awarded an OBE in 1999, has received a slew of awards, and won Academy Awards for his work on dancing with the wolvesAnd outside AfricaAnd Their mothers gave birth to them freeAnd lion in winter. Similarly, Barry has also received a total of 10 Golden Globe nominations, among a handful of BAFTA nominations.

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    9 Rachel Portman

    Chocolate 2000 Johnny Depp (1)

    As one of the few female composers to have received an Academy Award, Rachel Portman She was actually the first woman to receive an Academy Award for Best Musical or Comedy in 1996 whatever. This then led to Portman receiving two more Academy Award nominations for her work in chocolate And Cider House Rules. Ultimately, Portman received an OBE for her outstanding contributions to film and television.

    8 Howard Shark

    It brought the Fellowship of the Ring from The Lord of the Rings together.
    New Line Cinema

    With over 80 films to his name, the Canadian composer Howard Shore He is one of the greats. His epic work on Lord of the rings The trilogy led to the composer winning three Academy Awards. In addition to winning an Academy Award, Shore has also received three Golden Globe Awards and four Grammy Awards. He’s also very prolific in the horror genre, and has scored several David Cronenberg films, as well Silence of the Lambs.

    7 James Horner

    Paramount Pictures

    James HornerThe fusion of choral and electronic elements in his sweeping score earned Horner several Academy Award nominations, which he successfully received twice. A frequent collaborator with James Cameron, Horner has helmed the scores for films such as AliensAnd symbol pictureAnd And Titanic, which remains one of the best-selling film soundtracks of all time. Horner has had a stellar career, which has represented the many accolades he has received. Winning two Academy Awards for TitanicAnd two Golden Globe Awards, three Saturn Awards, and three Emmy Awards. In 2013, James Horner received the Max Steiner Prize. Award given for exceptional achievement in the field of film music.

    6 Michael Giacchino

    Pictures Warner Bros

    Talk about a composer who doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. Michael Giacchino He is one of the best working composers today. His heartbreaking work in higherawarded him an Academy Award, and his latest score for Matt Reeves’ stunning film Batman It earned another Academy Award nomination for the composer. He may not have the most awards under his belt, but his work is in it Dr. StrangeAnd Spider Man: No going homeAnd The IncrediblesAnd Coco And of course Batman are some of the most exceptional scores in recent memory.

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    5 Ennio Morricone

    The good, the bad and the ugly
    United Artists

    Italian composer Ennio Morricone He has impressively made more than 400 films, including more than 70 award-winning films. His frequent collaborations with Spaghetti Western filmmaker Sergio Leone, in fistful of dollars And The good, the bad and the ugly (easily one of the most recognizable scores of all time) was just the beginning of his extensive career. Later, he won an Academy Award for Quentin Tarantino The Hateful Eight, at the time, making him the oldest person ever to win an Academy Award. Through his extensive career, Morricone has managed to win three Grammy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and six BAFTA Awards.

    4 Bernard Herrmann

    Janet Leigh in Psycho (1960)
    Paramount Pictures

    the great Bernard Herrmann He was a pioneer who revolutionized film scoring. Music critic Alex Ross says, “For four decades, he [Herrmann] He revolutionized film scoring by abandoning the demonstrative musical techniques that dominated Hollywood in the 1930s and imposing his own harmonic and rhythmic vocabulary.” mental patientAnd Citizen Kane And vertigo They talk about themselves. Most importantly, however, Herrmann received his first academic award for his degree in 1941 Satan and Daniel Websteror, as it is now known, Everything money can buy. Before his death in 1975, Herrmann composed the score for his last film, Martin Scorsese taxi driver, Which earned him an Oscar nod at the 1976 Academy Awards.

    3 Max Steiner

    King Kong 1933
    RKO Radio Pictures

    Max Steiner He is undoubtedly one of the greatest composers of all time. has starred in more than 300 films and been nominated for 24 Academy Awards; Not many composers can boast of it. Of those 24 Academy Awards, Steiner won three for his work in 1935 detective1942 Now, Voyagerand 1944 since you went away. Steiner was also the first person ever to win a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score for life with the father. Outside of his impressive accolades, Max Steiner may be best known for composing the scores for such classics as 1933’s King Kong character1939 Gone with the Windand 1933 little Women.

    2 Hans Zimmer

    Batman standing in the ruins of Gotham in The Dark Knight (2008)
    Pictures Warner Bros

    Hans ZimmerHis solid and impressive scores helped secure his place as one of the best. Delightful writing Pirates of the Caribbean The result, earth-shaking scores of Dune And The Dark Knight trilogy, in addition to his Academy Award-winning score for the Disney classic the king lion. Mostly working alongside Christopher Nolan, Zimmer has received and been nominated for numerous Academy Awards and honors, with two Academy Awards and four Grammy Awards under his belt. Most impressively, he has a place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    1 John Williams

    The sign is located in front of the T Rex
    Universal Pictures

    Who else can top this list but the greatest composer of all time, John Williams. Deliver iconic scores for the likes star WarsAnd Jurassic ParkAnd JawsAnd SupermanAnd ETAnd Indiana JonesAnd, of course Harry Potter movies; Many of the dozens of the most iconic and iconic films of all time. Unsurprisingly, Williams has won 25 Grammy Awards, seven BAFTA Awards, five Academy Awards, and four Golden Globe Awards. He has an incredible 53 Academy Award nominations; The second most nominated person in history, after Walt Disney.

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