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    In the world of Hollywood and acting, you may have a few actors and actresses that you love, but you can’t seem to remember their names. It sounds silly, but maybe you enjoy being on screen but can’t seem to remember their names, or seem vaguely familiar but can’t remember the last time you saw them in something else. You find comfort in their acting because they are so good, and they give you a great character to remember, but it still just doesn’t feel right.

    Wes Bentley It could be one of those actors whose faces you know, but whose names you don’t know. Bentley is a well-respected actor with an impressive amount of acting credits under his belt as well as memorable characters that you can’t quite tell whether you hate or love. His voice is soft, and his eyes have a certain object in every character he plays that makes the viewer intrigued as to where he will take things. If he’s one of those actors for you, here’s a list of his best roles to help jog your memory of where you’ve seen a Bentley before.

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    10 We Are Your Friends (2015)

    We are your friends

    We are your friends It might be the most released movie of 2015 that year. It stars Zac Efron and Wes Bentley, and the plot is one big party. Bentley plays James Reid, a wealthy, washed-up DJ who takes an interest in Efron’s character when he proves he can spin right. We are your friends He made this list because this character is not a character that Bentley usually plays, which proves that he can handle different types because he is constantly doing drugs in the movie and partying like Sin Efron. It’s a good movie if you want to feel nostalgic for the 2000s and also want to see Jon Bernthal make an appearance.

    9 P2 (2007)

    The pinnacle of entertainment

    P2 Bentley appears in one of his most sinister roles yet, playing a crooked security guard obsessed with a woman who works in the same building as the office. Thomas Barclay (Bentley) is a lecher who locks a woman named Angela on Christmas Eve inside a completely abandoned parking garage, except for Barclay. The movie was considered a flop in theaters but it’s full of jaw-dropping, gore moments that will have you rooting for Angela as she tries to escape the twisted fate that awaits her with Barclay.

    8 The Claim (2000)

    DB Entertainment

    claim is one of those movies that you might have watched in passing and then completely forgot about because the plot is kinda blurry and the acting is on point. However, Bentley is very much the star of the movie as he plays Donald Dalglish, who arrives in a town called Kingdom Come and decides he wants to put a train in the middle of the small town. His character is a very old piece of material, as he falls in love with a woman he just met and decides to be a better man than to destroy the city with a train.

    7 Gold (2012)

    Wes Bentley is gone
    The pinnacle of entertainment

    Being a box office flop and harshly panned by audiences, Amanda Seyfried stars in the film. goldWhich is about a woman who was kidnapped, and after her escape, the killer pursues her sister to take revenge. Wes Bentley plays Detective Peter Hood, the only person who believes in Jill (Seyfried) and offers to help her wherever he is in case she is really right about the situation. Bentley has the face and voice to play someone in uniform, so the role feels very familiar to him and a good fit, so he gives the movie a sense of security when the audience realizes that Jill isn’t going through this alone but has the Hood to do it. helps.

    6 Dragon House (2016)

    Wes Bentley Bates Dragon
    Pictures of Walt Disney

    Another movie where you might not expect to see the usual actor is Pete dragonDisney movie based on the book of the same name. Bentley plays Jack, a protective father to his child once she becomes friends with a slightly feral boy named Pete, who grew up in the woods with his dragon Elliot. Pete dragon is a great movie for all ages, especially kids who may be sad and don’t know how to express themselves properly; Watching Pete find a family might calm them down. Jack proves to be a reliable character as he helps hide Elliot and becomes a father-like figure to Bette by the end of the film.

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    5 American Beauty (1999)

    American Beauty 1
    Dreamworks Images

    Bentley is mostly known for its two main roles: Seneca Crane in hunger Games and Ricky in American beauty. The film was critically acclaimed and praised for its cinematography and acting, but it’s kind of a mess the American way, hence the title. Too often, men pursuing younger women are seen as okay in movies made at this time and not seen as a red flag, which it should have been. Bentley plays Ricky, a young director who chooses to carry his camcorder and capture his daily life while selling marijuana on the side to make more money. Ricky suffers greatly, especially by his homophobic father, and chooses to run away with Gene at the end of the movie, wanting more of his life because he’s stuck at home.

    4 Interstellar (2014)

    Among the stars Wes Bentley
    Paramount Pictures

    Interstellar Easily one of the best movies set in outer space, Matthew McConaughey deserves all the shots for playing a fascinating and tragic character. Bentley plays Doyle, a high-ranking member of NASA, and although he doesn’t get much screen time, he still plays a memorable role in the movie. The crew of respected astronauts sets off to visit three different planets, and on their first stop on a watery planet, Doyle is caught in a huge tidal wave, and drowns. If you set out to watch this movie specifically for Bentley, you might be disappointed, but that being said, you should stick to watching the masterpiece that is Interstellar.

    3 American Horror Story

    American Horror Story Wes Bentley
    FX Network

    American Horror Story He’s famous for keeping the cast going throughout each season and giving them new characters who are eerily similar to other parts they’ve played before in the show but different enough to keep it interesting. Bentley starred in three different seasons American Horror StoryAnd, every time he appears in the series, he gives a great performance as either a creepy individual or someone on the verge of breaking down. One of his best characters on the show was in Hotel, season 5, where he plays Detective John Lowe, a grieving father who wants to take down the Ten Commandments killer.

    2 The Hunger Games (2012)

    The Hunger Games Wes Bentley

    when hunger Games The books were released, and millions of people consumed the text and became fans of Suzanne Collins for her dystopian world where teens fight each other to the death every year. When the books were adapted into movies, fans were excited to see how the acting would turn out because each character was vital to the story. The filmmakers got a lot of it right, especially with Wes Bentley playing Seneca Crane. To put it mildly, Seneca Crane is a madman. As the Playmaker, he has to come up with quirky things to keep the audience engaged while the teens fight for their lives. The beard that Bentley sports as Seneca Crane is enough to convince you it was the right choice, but really, no one could play Crane like Bentley.

    1 Yellowstone (2018–present)

    Wes Bentley Yellowstone

    throughout YellowstoneIt’s very clear that Jamie Dutton is a damaged character. More than that, though, he is considered the black sheep of the family. If you watch the show, you might be tempted to say that Kayce is the black sheep, but in truth, Jamie just doesn’t seem to fit in with the family he grew up in because he simply doesn’t fit in. Throughout the series, she has her ups and downs with Jamie as he constantly battles with himself about whether he’s doing the right thing or challenging his father once again. Wes Bentley leads the character of Jamie with precision and care, but also makes you hate him through certain episodes of the show, like when you find out about the decision he made for Beth when she was a teenager.

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