The best characters in the movie franchise, ranked

    It was first launched in 1964. Ji Joe The franchise coined the term “action figure” and has gone on to sell hundreds of millions of games. The franchise saw its heyday during the 1980s, at a time when the animated series, G.I. Joe: A True American Herobroadcast on TV. since then, Ji Joe She fell ill, and was relegated to living in the shadow of her sister, Hasbro transformers. But while the franchise has left the mainstream, the characters Ji Joe They continue to live in the hearts of many.

    The Joes were neither aliens nor people with superpowers, but rather elite agents who came from military backgrounds. They battled against the evil Cobra, a paramilitary organization bent on nothing less than world domination. We have now seen three live events Ji Joe The movies, despite their flaws, have all featured an impressive cast of heroes and villains. before Ji Joe It’s finally back in theaters, and here’s a look at seven of the best characters in the movie franchise, ranked.

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    7 Gen. Joe Colton

    Bruce Willis as General Joe Colton in G.I. Joe: Vengeance.
    Paramount Pictures/Hasbro

    Bruce Willis photographed Gen. Joe Colton in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, the decorated hero who was the founder and leader of G.I. Joe. Willis brought a unique charm to the role, with Colton playing a gritty, highly competent Joe who still had a great sense of humor. events Revenge It saw him supplying the Joes with their weapons, working with Lady Jaye to save the Chief, and memorializing the Joes after defeating Cobra. The reason Colton doesn’t rank higher on this list is because of his limited screen time and lack of character depth.

    6 Baroness

    The Baroness in Snake's Eyes: GI Joe: Origins.
    Paramount Pictures/Hasbro

    Ursula Corbero (Stealing money) photographed Baroness in Snake Eyes: The Origins of G.I. Joe, a high-ranking member clad in cobra skin. The Baroness was the catalyst behind most of the events in the film by manipulating Snake’s eyes to bring her the “Sun Gem”. Tommy (the future Storm Shadow) was deeply hurt by Snake Eyes’ actions, and the Baroness took advantage of his weakened state to absorb him into Cobra.

    The Baroness portrayed by Sienna Miller in GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra He was just manipulative. However, contrary to Corber√≥’s thinking, her brother has been mind controlling the Miller clone through the use of nanomites. The Baroness was the most dangerous Cobra agent besides Storm Shadow, but she managed to break free of her programming and return to her true self.

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    5 Scarlett


    Scarlett She made her first live appearance GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, where she is portrayed by Rachel Nichols. the Cobra Rise Release was an intelligence officer who graduated from college at the age of 12, but never learned how to deal with basic things like failure or romantic attraction. With the help of Ripcord, Scarlett gets back on her feet after being defeated by the Baroness and saves the world.

    Samara Textile (ready or notAnd Sixth scream) took over the role of Scarlett in Snake Eyes: The Origins of G.I. Joe And she played herself as a more confident Joe. Arriving in Tokyo to help Tommy (Storm Shadow) defend the Arashikage from Kenta, she was arguably the most heroic character in the movie. She also helped Snake Eyes make peace with his past and pointed him on a better path.

    4 Cobra Commander

    Cobra Commander in GI Joe: The Vengeance.
    Paramount Pictures/Hasbro

    Rexford Louis was the Baroness’s “genius, full brother” and former friend of the Duke of Hauser. After surviving an airstrike, Rex goes undercover and reemerges as a mad scientist who calls himself “The Doctor”. It later became Live Action Cobra Commanderthe evil cartoonish villain that was as if Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine had merged into one.

    As Cobra Commander, Rex led the faction responsible for destroying the Eiffel Tower and all of London. He managed to survive both movies he was in, but with how much he antagonized the entire world, it’s hard to imagine he’d be left alone. The hyper-evil defined Cobra Commander and set him apart from many of the movie’s supervillains.

    3 Lady Jay

    Lady Jay -1
    Paramount Pictures/Hasbro

    Born into a military family, Lady Jay She was underestimated by her father for being a woman and recruited in hopes of one day surpassing him. Although her father died before that could happen, she continued to rise through the ranks and was promoted to captain by the end of the year. G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Ms. Jay was a very skilled Joe, revealing Cobra’s secrets before everyone else and successfully saving the Chief from Zartan. the next G.I. Joe: RetaliationActress Adrianne Palicki plays Agent Bobbi Morse Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD And as Mrs. Perkins in John Wick.

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    2 Storm shadow

    Storm shadow
    Paramount Pictures/Hasbro

    Storm shadow It has always been a highlight Ji Joe movies, bringing unparalleled screen power Ji Joe personalities have. The character was first played by Lee Byung-hun (Squid game) and was the most featured agent of Cobra in the first two films. Storm Shadow’s history with Snake Eyes created an interesting “enemy” dynamic between the two, a relationship that evolved from Cobra Rise to Revenge.

    when Ji Joe The movie franchise has been rebooted with 2021 Snake Eyes: The Origins of G.I. JoeStorm Shadow was once again considered the standout character. The version played by Andrew Caughey (Express trainAnd warrior) was betrayed by Snake Eyes, which played a major role in his decision to join Cobra. Storm Shadow was the most morally complex character in the series Ji Joe movies so far, which is the main reason audiences find him so likable.

    1 Snake-eyes

    Snake eyes suit
    Paramount Pictures/Hasbro

    As long as anyone can remember, Snake-eyes She has always been the most popular character in Ji Joe franchise. The ninja commando has skills beyond those of any Joe or Cobra, and uses them to overcome insurmountable odds. in Cobra Rise And RevengeRay Park’s version never spoke or took off his helmet, offering a mysterious allure that was the core of the Snake Eyes persona.

    when Ji Joe The movie franchise has been rebooted with Snake Eyes: The Origins of G.I. JoeHenry Golding (Crazy Rich AsiansAnd last christmas) a new version of Snake Eyes who has not yet lost his voice or donned the suit. The film saw him pursue revenge and realize the error of his ways, but not before the betrayal of Storm Shadow, who looked up to Snake Eyes as a brother. With Snake Eyes’ former reputation as an honorable warrior, his original film beginning his journey as a deeply flawed man came as quite a surprise.

    While some would prefer not to see his backstory, much of the character’s appeal came from knowing that Snake Eyes had to overcome countless trials and tribulations to become the greatest operative in all of GI Joe.

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