The best brotherly moments between Klaus and Elijah

    The originals It involved many themes, from the supernatural politics of New Orleans to thrilling combat sequences between different factions, and intricate love triangles that had us rooting for certain ships to sail or crash. However, one of the plot points that stands out in this CW series is its family themes revolving around Mikaelson’s siblings. Especially the reserved Elijah and the irrational half-brother Klaus. In the series finale, when Klaus and Elijah choose to die on their terms by planting a white oak stalk in their hearts, it ends the series on a bittersweet note and, at the same time, ends the story of one of television’s greatest brothers. in modern cinema.

    The relationship between Klaus and Elijah is one of The originalsThe most important and captivating aspects. These two main vampires and members of the powerful Mikaelson family share a complex and often tumultuous relationship rooted in their deep love for each other as brothers. Throughout the five seasons of the series, Klaus and Elijah face many challenges and trials that test their bond, but they always find their way back to each other. In this list, through conquests, defeats and banter, we will explore the most memorable brotherly moments between Klaus and Elijah in The originals.

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    11 Freya’s walk down the aisle – Season 5, Episode 11

    The Originals Klaus and Elijah Freya's wedding

    What’s better than having a brother walk his bride-sister down the aisle? two. in one of the originals’ In the best of filler episodes, the Mikaelson siblings share a family event they haven’t had the chance to experience in their millennial lives, a wedding. As Rebecca claims, it is Freya who deserves it the most.

    Just when Bride Mikaelson is worried about the wedding, unable to walk down the aisle, Klaus steps beside her, offering his left arm. Elijah sways with the confidence of Klaus’ presence, surprisingly looking late, and Freya extends his right arm. Together, Klaus and Elijah walk their older sister down the aisle while Cole waits for them with big smiles as the wedding officiant.

    10 “For our victory, my brother.” – Season 1, Episode 19

    The originals are Klaus and Elijah

    This is one of the Mikaelson brothers’ many “us against the world” moments. Elijah tries, and fails, to unite the werewolves, vampires, and witch. He is left with the grim reality that New Orleans, the sleepy city they fled from, no longer exists. What remains is a city bent on destroying itself from within. After accepting this fact and seeing war on the horizon, Elijah turns to Klaus and tells him that he would prefer no one else besides him. He maintains that there is no alliance stronger than Klaus, his family, his brother and his blood. To the soundtrack of “Houses Beginnings,” Elijah pours a glass of bourbon before confidently cheering their assured victory in a battle that has yet to begin.

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    9 Klaus Consoling Elijah Season 1 Episode 22

    Klaus and Elijah in Origins

    Brothers don’t always see eye to eye, and the Mikaelson brothers are no exception. In one of many confrontations, Elijah confronts Klaus and accuses him of being responsible for Hayley’s supposed death. While it is easy for Klaus to respond with violence, his emotional intelligence comes alive. He is sensitive to Elijah’s grief, aware of his feelings for Hayley, and comforts him, motivating him to never give up when all is not lost.

    8 Klaus forgives Elijah – Season 2, Episode 11

    The original Klaus and Elijah
    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    Elijah crossed Klaus a thousand years ago, and vice versa, but one event that Klaus never imagined was Elijah being able to kill Tatiana, Klaus’ former lover. When Finn holds Elijah’s nobility against him, preventing him from escaping his representational magic, Elijah confesses his sins locked behind a red door, which includes thinking Tatiana to death.

    It seemed at first that Klaus would stir up his usual rage. Instead, he forgives Elijah, saying, “I failed you to represent me because there was one thing you never thought I was capable of: forgiveness.” In this moment, Klaus and Elijah don alternate personalities, the opposite of what they’re known to be. In this scene, they depict the growth they can achieve as they deepen their relationship and understanding of each other.

    7 Rescuing Elijah from Esther – Season 2, Episode 7

    The originals are Klaus and Elijah

    The originals Season two saw the return of Esther, who was so hell-bent on tormenting Elijah mentally with the disturbing memories that helped him close the Red Door. After experiencing nightmares and hallucinations, Klaus arrives on the scene to save his brother. Although he pulls Elijah out of the chains he has bound, it is not enough to set him free. So, Klaus speaks to Elijah’s humanity that the monster behind the red door is hunting while admitting his fears of raising Hope alone. In this scene, one of Klaus’ best quotes sums up his relationship with Elijah: “The beast in me that only the beast in you can check out.” Fortunately, Klaus’ appearance in Elijah’s dream is the power he needs to slay his demons and come back to life.

    6 “I Can’t Do This Without You, Elijah” – Season 3, Episode 22

    The originals are Klaus and Elijah

    This is not their best moment. In this episode of The originalsWe see Klaus scarred for real, not from anything other than the loss of Elijah. After Elijah and Cole encounter the upgraded Marcel, which left them with a fatal sting that killed Finn in earlier episodes, Klaus must continue the trial, unsure of his or his brother’s survival. Tearfully, Elijah encourages Klaus to be strong despite the possibility that this will be the last time they will see each other.

    5 Family Dinner – Season 2, Episode 3

    The originals are Klaus and Elijah

    In the episode, “Every Son of a Mother”, Klaus and Elijah are reunited with Finn, Cole, and Esther for the first time since the events of The Godfather The Vampire Diaries. After the trio returns to New Orleans for mysterious reasons, they make an offer that Klaus and Elijah give up vampirism. Realizing that their mother has returned with ill intent, Klaus and Elijah set out to take Esther back to Hell. But before they leave, Elijah praises Klaus’ ferocity. Klaus, on the other hand, praises Elijah’s wise counsel. Despite its serious tone, what’s somewhat ironic and funny about this scene is that the brothers are actually talking about their mother.

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    4 Despair vs. Hollow – Season 5, Episode 11

    The originals are Klaus and Elijah

    There is no threat too great for the Mikaelsons to face – until the Hollow, an ancient magical being that threatens to separate the Mikaelsons by destroying Hope from within. Klaus is distraught, stunned, and confused. He bears his honesty with Elijah, who has no solution or response other than to pull him into a long hug. Although the situation is horrific, these subtle moments scream brother goals.

    3 “We had a short conversation.” Season 3, Episode 6

    The originals are Klaus and Elijah

    The gentlemen know when it’s time to call a truce, and Klaus and Elijah prove that they are. Realizing the true intent of the Trinity’s return, Klaus and Elijah turn to putting their differences aside and confronting their common enemy. To the amusement of Freya and the audience, who see them drenched in each other’s blood. They pan for their alliance as if they hadn’t nearly flogged themselves alive. Tristan, Lucien and Aurora intended to turn Mikaelson against themselves. If they only knew how deep their “always and forever” bond is, they might have known that it would take more than trivial words to stir up animosity between the two brothers.

    2 Elijah Grieves With Klaus Season 3 Episode 19

    The originals are Klaus and Elijah

    Camille was one of the few confidants and allies of Klaus in the human world, and could see the good in Klaus even when he struggled to see it in himself. When Camille was tragically killed by Lucien’s bite, Klaus was devastated and felt responsible for her death. He grieved her loss deeply, and Elijah knows that. In the final scene of this episode, Elijah’s precision seems to be felt with a single tap on her shoulder. He understands the depth of Klaus’ grief and how much Camille means to him. So, all he does is stand still and grieve with him as they look out over the French Quarter.

    1 Dying Next To Each Other – Season 5, Episode 13

    The Originals series finale

    Brothers in life, brothers in death. The originals The series finale features an emotional scene that concludes Klaus and Elijah’s glorious journey as brothers. In this scene, Klaus is willing to sacrifice himself as the final means to end the Hollow forever. But Elijah has other plans: to die next to him.

    When they decide to move forward on their terms, Klaus and Elijah share an honest conversation about their family’s past and future. Klaus reflects on his mistakes and expresses his gratitude for Elijah’s dedication in pursuing his redemption. The scene shows the growth and maturity of their relationship and affirms their love and respect for each other as brothers. Their relationship is complex and nuanced, but at its core it is built on a deep and lasting love that transcends even death itself.

    The final scene of these brothers is a fitting finale to the show, showcasing the deep love and relationship between the Mikaelson brothers and the sacrifices they are willing to make for each other. It’s a poignant reminder of the power of family. The originals It couldn’t end on a better note.

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