The 15 Best LGBTQ+ TV Shows Canceled by Netflix

    Being LGBTQ+ TV series enthusiasts are at war between getting too hung up on a show that has positive queer representation and then getting tired of getting it canceled again. Although every streaming platform is guilty of this, Netflix He particularly excelled at subverting queer performances, especially lesbian ones.

    Even sadder, most of us know what to expect every time any decent series is delivered that casts a positive light on its weirdness. Homosexuals have long been marginalized, with lesbians in particular being sold as a mere product of non-straight men. Although it has improved over the years, the queer community’s bottom line still isn’t enough.

    Fans are forced out of pocket to save their favorite show, which often serves as a safe haven for many LGBT people out there. Here are 15 of the best LGBTQ+ TV shows that got canceled too soon for no apparent reason.

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    15 the society

    Sam And Grace The Society (1)

    Created by Christopher Keyser, the society is a teen mystery drama that revolves around a group of teens who are forced to learn how to run their own communities after their entire city disappears. Although the show was initially scheduled for a second season, it was soon canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. What’s more, at Screen Rant, production has become very expensive for health and safety reasons. It’s interesting to note that most of the Netflix shows that have suffered this fate have actually been weird. the society Giving a strange, deaf character a place to shine, but now all we’re left with is suspense after our silently canceled show.

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    14 radiates


    What’s the next show canceled due to the pandemic, you ask? You think right. Yet another bizarre female empowerment masterpiece called radiates, starring Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin in the lead roles. The comedy-drama follows the 1980s women’s professional wrestling circuit, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. It portrayed these women as soulmates who hated and loved each other, but also showed wrestling as an escape from the role society expected them to play as women. radiates It was Brie’s all-time favorite job, and she still hopes to shoot an epilogue movie.

    13 one day at a time

    Elena and Sid in one day at a time

    Based on the 1975 series of the same title, one day at a time is a reimagined version of the original, but with a Latina family at its center. It focuses on the Cuban American family and addresses important topics such as PTSD, immigration, sexism, homophobia, gender identity, and much more. The series was canceled after three seasons, and although Sony Pictures TV chose to revive it, our hopes were for nothing that they finally ended the series without any new episodes.

    12 private

    Netflix special

    The fact that Netflix didn’t even bother advertising their show about a gay man with cerebral palsy was big enough to hint that they probably wouldn’t renew it for more seasons. Semi-autobiographical comedy-drama private Displayed an uplifting image and self-acceptance to live with a disability. The lack of promotion for the released second season — there was almost no advertising — shows just how much Netflix cares about diversity.

    11 Get off

    David Diggs in The Get Down

    We feel this needs to be said over and over again: watching a TV show shouldn’t be a game or a competition between the network and viewers, where viewers win and get a new season. He sure feels that way with every weird TV series, and Get off He was no exception. The five-episode musical drama about the rise of hip-hop and disco through the eyes of a group of teens was canceled after the first season. Many fans have been praying for Netflix to fall since the show was canceled for no apparent reason.

    10 Warrior Nun

    Warrior N. Ava and Beatrice

    One of the latest Netflix cancellations is the fantasy drama Warrior Nunwhich was canceled after two seasons. The series is led by a character named Ava Silva, who discovers she has superpowers and thus joins an ancient order of warrior nuns. Basing a show’s chances of renewal on how many people binge-watch it isn’t the best strategy for media literacy. It’s no wonder, then, that the cancellation led to fan protests, with more than 100,000 signing a petition for its renewal. Fans have taken their fight to Times Square and beyond Netflix headquarters, and they’re not giving up anytime soon, as more international fans have joined in.

    9 Disconnected


    Starring Neil Patrick Harris in the lead role, Disconnected It tells the story of a gay man trying to navigate the dating scene after his 17-year relationship came to an abrupt end. Despite appearing in the top 10 shows on Netflix, the series joined other weird TV shows on the long list of canceled shows. Fortunately, the show has been picked up by Showtime for a second season (via Forbes).

    8 Qforce


    An animated adult comedy about a group of gay super-spies? to watch Qforce, you get middle-aged women as super-spys, a bisexual super-competent woman, a happily-married lesbian, and a transgender woman as a super-hacker. Starring Sean Hayes, Matt Rogers, Wanda Sykes, and others. Qforce It was a unique one that carried more depth than its initially filmed trailer.

    7 The bastard son and the devil himself

    Nathan and Gabriel in Half Bad the Bastard Son and the Devil Himself (1)

    Based on the YA Half Bad novels by Sally Green, The bastard son and the devil himself is a British fantasy series that revolves around Nathan Byrne, who discovers his true identity as the son of a powerful witch Magnus. Despite being a brutal, magically bizarre adventure with a slow, complex relationship that naturally grows over time and isn’t overly sexualized, the series was canceled after one season, just two months after its premiere.

    6 Destiny: Winx Saga

    The fate of the winx saga netflix

    Based on the animated series winx club, Destiny: Winx Saga is a teen drama television series about a fairy with fire powers, who enrolls in a magical boarding school and meets her new fairy friends. The show was watched by 57 million subscribers in the first 28 days of its release, and even that wasn’t enough for a third season renewal. It seems as though Netflix has no interest in cultivating dedicated audiences and will only greenlight the series with half a billion viewers in its first month.

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    5 Dead End: Paranormal Garden


    Based on the graphic novel series dead india, Dead End: Paranormal Garden is an animated fantasy-horror comedy that follows the newest staff at a Dollywood-esque park. It features a found family consisting of a young Jewish transgender man, an autistic boy with anxiety, a possessed talking dog, and a thousand-year-old demon. The series came to a standstill after two seasons.

    4 1899

    1899 - Netflix

    Following a group of European immigrants who travel from Southampton to start a new life in New York, 1899 It is a multilingual series that was officially canceled after only one season. Seeing the concept of multiple languages ​​being spoken without understanding each other, while trying, was something new and unique that we haven’t seen very often. Of course, watching a Netflix show is as weird as reading your favorite book and taking it off your hands during the best part.

    3 I’m not okay with this

    I'm not okay with this Netflix (1)

    I’m not okay with this The IT stars reunite for an upcoming black comedy about a bisexual girl who realizes she has telekinetic powers. Due to obvious reasons related to COVID-19, the show was canceled after one season. Hetero shows have been reinvented with cliché stories millions of times over, but the LGBTQ+ original series must have suffered from the concept of “burying the gay,” even though it shouldn’t have a place in 21st century society anymore.

    2 Kill the first

    First Kill - Netflix (1)

    Another TV show cancellation that sparked a massive fan campaign and protests was the teen superhero series Kill the first. Described as an update for twilight For current times and a spiritual successor to the Vampire Diaries, the show depicts a vampire and a vampire hunter as they fall in love. As usual, the series was canceled after its first season. Showrunner Victoria Schwab blamed poor marketing as the reason for its cancellation.

    1 feeling 8

    Sense 8 Netflix Pride (1)

    Perhaps the biggest heartbreak Netflix has ever caused, and it can certainly be described as the start of the “bury my gay” trend, was the sudden cancellation of the sci-fi excellence that was feeling 8. The series follows eight people from all over the world who are mentally and emotionally connected. It explores issues of gender, sexuality, racism, politics and more. Netflix left the series with a cliffhanger, and only after fans were outraged, petitions and protests sealed the greenlight in the form of a single two-hour episode.

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