The 10 Best Performances in Tony Scott Movies, Ranked

    Tony Scott He was one of the greatest action directors of the 90s and 2000s, but his films were more than that, they also showed real human beings in incredible situations. That’s why the actors wanted to work with him, there will be work, but they also care about their characters and their acting. Here are the top 10 performances in Tony Scott movies, ranked.

    10 Brad Pitt – True Romance (1993)

    True Romance - Brad Pitt
    Warner Bros.

    True romance is the first Quentin Tarantino screenplay ever filmed. It revolves around the love story between Clarence (Christian Slater) and Alabama (Patricia Arquette) as they must avoid getting killed by the mob. The movie is pure Tarantino and has great performances from both heroes, but also all of the supporting characters, from James Gandolfini to Gary Oldman, Dennis Hopper, and Christopher Walken. that it Brad Pitt But like Floyd, who stole the show. Pete’s companion of stone appears very briefly, but the actor’s performance makes Floyd a real and unique person, creating much more than what’s on the page.

    On how he ended up in the movie after a conversation with Scott, Pitt told Entertainment Weekly, “We talked about some of the other characters in it, and I said, ‘I don’t think they’re for me. ‘” But there is one person I like about it. He’s the guy so irresponsible that he killed everybody.” And he said, “Great, do it.” Then I called him a couple of nights ago, and I said, “Can I make him a man?” And he said, “Yeah.”

    9 Denzel Washington – Man on Fire (2004)

    Man on Fire - Denzel Washington
    Twentieth Century Fox

    burning man About Chrissy (Denzel Washington), a former CIA agent who will do everything he can to save a young girl on the streets of Mexico City. Washington and Scott worked together so many times that the director knew how to use all of the actors’ dramatic talents while also making him an action movie star. This movie is no different, and one of Washington’s best, as Chrissie becomes a Terminator-like killer with one mission: to save the little girl he’s sworn to protect (Dakota Fanning). Only actors and directors can make an action movie where the strongest moment is when Creasy shows this little girl’s vulnerability in the worst possible situation.

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    8 Christian Slater – True Romance (1993)

    Christian Slater - True Romance
    Warner Bros.

    True romance Full of great performances, and its lead cast is no different. Caught this movie Christian Slater When he was at his best, he delivered. It’s one of his best films ever, showing just how much an actor can do with an incredible look, gesture, or dialogue. It’s romantic and badass. The actor would make you believe that he just fell in love with Alabama after a few hours together and that this is the beginning of a legendary romance. Without that part of the performance, it wouldn’t be believable for everything Clarence does to keep Alabama and him together, looking happily ever after, and it’s all thanks to Slater and Patricia Arquette’s acting.

    7 Gene Hackman – Crimson Tide (1995)

    Gene Hackman - Crimsom Tide
    Buena Vista Photo Distribution

    Gene Hackmanrole in crimson tide It’s not easy, because he’s the trigger commander; He’s almost a villain, who creates all the obstacles that Denzel Washington’s character must fight. Captain Ramsay is fed up with his new naval officer, Hunter (Washington), as he has never been in any business before. The conflict between them becomes bigger and bigger when they are forced to launch a nuclear missile. This is one of Hackman’s best performances ever, as his intensity and his crew’s hard-earned respect make him a hard guy to disobey. The battle of acting between titans Hackman and Washington is what makes this movie a must-see even after all these years, as both gave Oscar-worthy performances.

    About working with him, Denzel Washington told Joe: “Gene Hackman, man. You’re out there with Sid and fighting for your life. You better bring the A-game because this is Gene Hackman. I remember when I was in that scene with Gene and I was just watching it. I was Like ‘Gene Hackman yells at me’ and then I have to start acting. We’re just like two kids arguing! The whole way, the whole way!”

    6 Patricia Arquette – True Romance (1993)

    True Romance - Patricia Arquette
    Warner Bros.

    in True romanceArquette plays Alabama, one half of the main couple. Patricia ArquettePerforming during the movie is the best of it. Alabama is going through its biggest transformation, and the actress is selling the hell out of it. She starts out in a binge, then falls in love, gets tougher as the movie goes on, and she and Clearance must do everything to survive and, most importantly, save each other. Arquette’s performance made her a ’90s girl and was one of the roles that helped her become an A-lister for most of the decade.

    5 Bruce Willis – The Last Boy Scout (1991)

    The Last Boy Scout - Bruce Willis
    Warner Bros.

    Written by acclaimed screenwriter Shane Black and with two charismatic performances at its center, this dark buddy cop thriller couldn’t have been a bigger ’90s product if it tried. The last scout It tells the story of private investigator Joe Hallenbeck (Bruce Willis) and he teams up with his friend, Jimmy (Damon Wayans), the female witness he couldn’t protect. They both want to discover what happened to her and, as in many detective films, uncover a conspiracy bigger than they could have imagined.

    Although there is some John McClane in Willis’ performance, he’s able to tell them apart, as his character here is a pessimist with a greater disdain for life and would kill anyone without remorse if it helped his cause. The actor can deliver tough guy quotes with the best, and this movie is full of them. Willis’ chemistry with Wayans makes the movie better by any right, as audiences follow their adventure to find the truth about what happened to Cory (Halle Berry in one of her first roles).

    4 Tom Cruise – Top Gun (1986)

    Top Gun - Maverick -1
    Paramount Pictures

    The best It is about America’s greatest aviation pilots and how they train. The movie is on everyone’s mind because of this year’s incredibly fun sequel, Top Gun: Maverickbut the first and Tom CruiseThe representation still stands. The actor delivers a movie star performance as the character Maverick, from initially charismatic and cocky to shocked once his best friend and wingman Goose (Anthony Edwards) passes away. Cruz shows all sides of his personality. Without the original 360 run of character, there wouldn’t be much to explore for a sequel, making this a must-have movie we’ve all enjoyed in 2022.

    3 Will Smith – Enemy of the State (1998)

    Enemy of the State - Will Smith
    Buena Vista Photo Distribution

    enemy of the state It tells the story of attorney Robert Clayton Dean (will Smith), who, after inadvertently obtaining a disk that could prove the murder of a government official, turns his life upside down, becoming the government’s number one target. This is one of the films that made Smith an action star, as he commands the screen at every moment of the film, making his arc believable, from do-gooder attorney to enemy of the state. His work against Hackman is fantastic, and both actors improve on it, giving award-worthy performances.

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    2 Gene Hackman – Enemy of the State

    Enemy of the State - Gene Hackman
    Buena Vista Photo Distribution

    enemy of the state It is a movie ahead of its time. The movie showed how we should worry about the government’s vigilance towards its people and how technology can track its citizens anywhere and everywhere. Although the movie is Will Smith’s star vehicle, it is Gene Hackman Whoever performs best with a character could definitely be the one he played Conversation 20 years later. Hackman’s character is tired, weary, old, and paranoid, but in his adventure with Smith’s Robert Clayton, he reinvigorates, remembering what he’s fighting for and how he must help him stop the government.

    1 Denzel Washington – Crimson Tide

    Crimsom Tide - Denzel Washington
    Buena Vista Photo Distribution

    crimson tide is one of the best Denzel Washington movies of the ’90s as his first officer, Hunter, battles Captain Ramsey (Gene Hackman) on a nuclear submarine. This is Scott’s best acting ever, with Washington giving an incredibly layered performance. His hunter knows the chain of command and how his actions could end his career, but his honor and morals are too great to do. The actor creates a character who steps up when the going gets tough, in this tense film that couldn’t have higher stakes. There’s tension, conflict, and military politics, and Washington and Hackman have one of the most exciting acting matches of the ’90s.

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