Superman and Lois are secretly referenced in 2 of the old Superman movies in this week’s episode

    Superman and Lois She pays tribute to the two films Superman in the final episode. Superman and Lois Focuses on the Man of Steel (Tyler Hoechlin) who moves his family back to his hometown of Smallville from Metropolis, as Clark deals with the challenges of raising two teenage sons. One of his sons, Jordan (Alex Garvin), develops Kryptonian powers like those of his father, but Clark’s other son, Jonathan (Michael Bishop), faces his own trials and tribulations as a teen, which are magnified in his own way. Father being Superman.

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    in Superman and LoisIn the latest episode of Too Close Home, Jonathan clashes with gruff Emmett who punches Jonathan and pulls a gun on his mother, Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch). A grumpy Clark confronts Emmett at the Smallville diner, gets him physical enough to teach him a lesson without hurting him and warns Emmett to leave his son and wife alone. While it’s a strong moment for Tyler Hoechlin’s version of Superman in its own right, this scene is also a major nod to similar scenes in the series. Superman II And man of steel.

    Superman and Lois Dinner tribute scene to Superman II and the Man of SteelSuperman and Lois redeemed Christopher Reeves with the hated power

    in Superman IIAfter giving up his powers to be with Lois (Margot Kidder), Clark Kent (Christopher Reeve) is brutally beaten by a bully in a restaurant when he takes Clark’s seat and refuses to leave. At the end of Superman IIClark returns to the restaurant with his powers restored to confront the bully again. Clark’s former tormentor gets his due compensation when he breaks his hand punching Clark in the gut and Clark sends him flying down the counter, but Clark still holds back just enough not to seriously hurt him.

    Zack Snyder man of steel It also includes a similar scene of its own when Clark Kent (Henry Cavill), who works in a restaurant, intervenes when a waitress is harassed by a truck driver. The truck driver is shocked when Clark is able to block his attempt at a violent push, but Clark controls his nerve and leaves the bar, where the truck driver later finds the rig being ripped off by Clark off-screen. In such a gesture for both scenes in Superman II And man of steelAnd Superman and Lois Season 3 also shows one of the series’ longstanding strengths as the Superman TV show.

    Why Superman and Lois stand on the other Steel iterations matters

    Superman in Man of Steel, Superman and Lois

    While the show is already creating its own version of the Man of Steel, it’s pretty popular Superman and Lois to offer salutations and tributes to nearly every other iteration of Superman before it. From the point of view Superman and LoisAll other versions of Superman are equally valid and important to the Superman mythos. This attitude was one of the main components of success Superman and Loiswith the show feeling inviting and inclusive towards all of Tyler Hoechlin’s live-action buddies.

    In playing tribute to both of them Superman II And man of steel In the exact same scene. Superman and Lois The amount of inspiration is strengthened, more or less, by the entirety of the Superman myth. Christopher Reeve and Henry Cavill both made their unique contributions to Superman’s film history and overarching mythology. as far as Superman and Lois Worried, both are equally deserving of reverence and appreciation for their shared love of the Last Son of Krypton.

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