Studio Ghibli composer Joe Hisaishi names his favorite Ghibli films

    If you’re a Studio Ghibli fan, chances are you’ll also be a fan of Joe Hisaishi’s work. Through his music, Hisaishi helped immerse audiences in the worlds Ghibli created for the world to enjoy. Now, on his official TikTok account, the composer has revealed to the world which of the three Ghibli films are his favourites. Hisaishi described his feelings below.

    It’s so hard to pick just a few of my favorite Studio Ghibli movies! All of these hold a special place in my heart. I love working with Hayao Miyazaki and making scores for his films.

    TikTok itself is in a slideshow format. The first slide is Hisaishi himself, with an explanation showing three numbers, followed by arrows to the next slide, which contains a numbered set of all of the Ghibli cinematic films. What are the winning films? Let’s dive in!

    Kiki’s delivery service

    1989 Japanese animated fantasy film Kiki's Delivery Service
    Toei Corporation

    premiere in 1989, Kiki’s delivery service It follows the titular young witch as she ventures out into the world on her own for the first time. Kiki has a hard time trying to find the kind of magic she’s good at, but learns that her broom skills make her a desirable delivery person. Kiki’s Delivery Service has been praised worldwide for its themes, such as the weight of responsibility and the difficulties of growing up.


    Studio Ghibli

    released in 2001, kidnapped It tells the story of Chihiro, who finds herself trapped in the spirit world. After her parents are turned into pigs, she is forced to work in the dangerous Yubaba and learn to navigate the spirit world. kidnapped It became a global phenomenon upon release, receiving worldwide acclaim and introducing generations of audiences to Studio Ghibli. The film won several awards, including the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

    Howl’s Moving Castle

    A scene from Howl's Moving Castle

    Howl’s Moving Castle It premiered in 2004, off the heels of Spirited Away. Based on the book by Diana Wynne Jones, the film follows Sophie, a young milliner who finds herself under a curse that turns her into an old woman. Desiring to break the curse, Sophie sets off on her own and finds herself in front of the legendary wizard Howl’s moving castle! Howl’s Moving Castle It was another critical success for Studio Ghibli, winning awards such as the Nebula Award for Best Screenplay.

    The Ghibli magic continues to thrive

    Sourced from Studio Ghibli

    Studio Ghibli still has a grip on the world just as it did twenty years ago. Part of that is due to Hisaishi’s memorable scores. But if there are still a few titles in their cinematics that you haven’t yet sat down and watched for yourself, you’re in luck! GKids and Fathom Events are teaming up to bring back their annual tradition, Studio Ghibli Fest! For special nights, you can run to your local theater and enjoy classic animated features on the big screen! This year will be extra special because Miyazaki’s little ocean saga, Ponyo, will be celebrating its 15th anniversary! Tickets are available at,, or at participating box offices. Ponyo shows will be on May 7, 8 and 10.

    The Studio Ghibli Library is also available for streaming on HBOMax. You can also enjoy Joe Hisaishi’s great soundtrack and scores on most of the major streaming services like Spotify.

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