Stranger Things season 4 writers respond to Stephen King’s complaint

    the Weird things The Writer’s Room responded to a tweet from The King of Horror with Stephen King Weird things Concerned about why Season 4 was split into two parts. In terms of authority figures, there is perhaps none greater than Stephen King, whose books have sold millions of copies and defined horror fiction. With a catalog that includes some of the greatest scary stories ever to hit the page, King’s work has influenced not only authors but creators as well. Weird things.

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    It is not surprising, then, that King’s influence is seen everywhere Weird things. This included a big moment in Season 4 in homage to King’s first novelOh Carrie. At the start of Season 4, Stephen King Weird things The tribute included Angela and her other classmates bullying Eleven. This culminates in a scene at the rink where they push her down and pour a shake on her head, similar to the pig’s blood from curry.

    Stephen King didn’t like Chapter Four

    Stephen King Stranger Things

    With the release of Season 4, Stephen King Weird thingsInspired by the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, once again brought scares. Much of what King initially created became a staple of the Weird things And the author’s fingerprints permeate all episodes of the series, particularly the story of children being pursued by a monster, which came straight out of He. She. However, King took to Twitter to ask why Weird things The fourth season was divided into two parts. for season 4 of Weird thingsStephen King praised the new season, saying it “As good or better than the previous three.” However, he added that “Kind of lameThe new season is divided into two parts.

    Stranger Things book response to Stephen King

    Stranger Things 4 - Vecna ​​and Eleven

    the Weird things The writer’s room tweeted their response. In response to Stephen King Weird things complaint, they lovingly referred to him as “Uncle Stevie” and explained that episodes 8 and 9 “Not finished yetWhy Weird things It was divided into two parts. Then they went on to say that they were happy that the King was enjoying the season and were glad that hePicked up at our Curry Reef. “

    Weird things The fourth season has been divided into two parts and the reason for the delay Weird things Episodes were due to incomplete episodes. It wasn’t a ploy to build up hype for the finale, but the feature runtime for the final two episodes – with Episode 9 clocking in at two and a half hours – means there’s still work to be done. It’s also in line with some other big delays, with reports suggesting that the delays are due to having a back-up in the special effects departments.

    Stranger Things season 5 likely won’t be split

    Stranger Things Babies Talk.

    There is good news for Stephen King, eg Weird things Season 5 will not be split into separate parts. The original delay of the fourth season was due to delays in completing the final episodes. This doesn’t seem to be a problem in the new season. Book room for Weird things Season 5 premiered in August 2022 and the actual cut-off date for the season will be either 2024 or 2025. “When you see something like a bundled season with ‘Stranger Things,’ that’s our attempt to make sure that we can get the shows to the members faster.” (via diverse)

    This means that fans will have to wait longer for the season to come out, but when it does, it will all premiere on the same day on Netflix. However, while it’s good news that next season won’t be delayed, there is disappointment that it will be the last season of the series Weird thingsAt least in this way. There is also the possibility of a spin-off and with the latest news that there will be an animated series in Weird things being. Expect the final season to arrive all at once and hopefully give fans a satisfying conclusion to their story.

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