Stephen Amell co-titles Last Arrow and the Flash crossover

    the end of the light Just around the corner. Premiering in 2014, the second series of the Arrowverse quickly became an absolute hit, surpassing the flagship of the DC TV universe on the CW, Arrow. After nine seasons, the show will bring its finale in May and say goodbye in style.

    As a result of the series will have many returns. It will be David Ramsey as John Diggle, Keenan Lonsdale as Wally West, Cyndil Ramamurthy as Bloodwork, Rick Cosnet as Eddie Thawne, Matt Letscher as Reverse-Flash, Jessica Parker Kennedy as XS, John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick, and Teddy Sears as Zoom, are just some of those who are back.

    However, there is no doubt that the most anticipated returns are comebacks Stephen Amell Like Oliver Queen. In fact, fans aren’t the only ones who are excited about his looks. The actor himself has been posting photos and videos since the announcement and is now Address reveal From the episode that will reunite him for the last time with Grant Gustin:

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    It’s my party and I’ll die if I want to is the name of Episode 9, during a season that will have only 13 episodes, 10 fewer than usual.

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    Arrowverse crossovers history

    Tons of superheroes are standing in line in the Arrowverse DC crossover
    DC Entertainment

    The first time the Arrowverse had two of its series joined in the 2014-2015 season with Flash vs. Arrow. Something that will be repeated in 2015-2016 with The heroes join forceswhich served as a precursor to Legends of Tomorrow in DC.

    However, the first true massive crossover came out in 2017 with the Invade!, which added the long-awaited participation of Supergirl Melissa Benoist. followed Crisis on Earth-X And The other worldwhich paved the way for the most ambitious crossover ever, the AC Crisis on Infinite Earths.

    As one of the most iconic story arcs in DC history, Crisis was a major challenge that marked its before and after for the Arrowverse. In fact, the event marked Amell’s farewell as Oliver Queen since Arrow ended shortly after the crossover’s introduction at the start of 2020.

    Right now, The CW only has two series tied to the DC universe: Superman and Lois And Gotham Knightswhich is unrelated between them and whose future seems uncertain given the changes at DC Studios and James Gunn’s vision of taking over the franchise.

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