Star Wars puts a spin on the classic “Blue Milk” drink

    warning! Spoilers for Sana Starros #1 Ahead!the star Wars The galaxy is a big place, so it should come as no surprise that blue milk isn’t the only option for nutrient-rich hydration. Not surprisingly, he was the first star Wars The film remains the franchise’s most influential entry on its own. Not only New hope Create the basic elements in star Wars universe, but even the smallest details often become parts of the world-building. One such example is the classic blue milk, the ceramic dairy-based drink beloved by a young Luke Skywalker and the wet farming community of Tatooine. Whereas in the real world milk can be whole, skim, 1 percent or 2 percent, in star Wars Your choices are Blue, Dark Blue, Green, and Enter… Pink.

    This new type of milk is presented in Sana Starros #1 By Justina Ireland and Pere Pérez. Sanna Starros has been a longtime supporting character in the series star Wars comics, and now she’s finally getting a chance to shine in her own right. Both Han Solo’s former criminal partner/ex-wife and Dr. Aphra’s on-again, off-again girlfriend, the Starros are now free of their baggage and on a quest to find their own way in the galaxy. Her first order of business is to perform a heist from an Imperial warehouse with Jand, a Weequay smuggler. Gund insists the warehouse contains something.rare and valuable,And after a short battle with the stormtroopers, the lucrative spoils inside are revealed: Poker and their precious pink milk.

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    Milk, now available in pink!

    pink milk 1

    While blue milk remains the most iconic beverage in the franchise, its place in the original films is a result of the location, not the galactic presence. The azure-colored drink comes from the panthas, the large horned animals native to the world of Tatooine that bears Luke Skywalker’s name. Pink milk is a more exotic drink than its blue cousin. Instead of the common pinta, the source of the pink milk is the extremely rare, expensive, and most importantly, adorable animal known as the Po’ackster.

    Colored Milk: A Star Wars Tradition

    pink milk 2

    Po’acksters are medium-sized capybara-like mammals laden with pink milk that glows ominously. Four-eyed Pokers are not only producers of the rare pink milk, but the adorable creatures also seem to make good family pets. star Wars being. The Empire managed to gather a small herd of rare animals and commissioned a group of stormtroopers to fortify the warehouse. This is supposedly to prevent individuals like Sanna Staros and Gand escaping with the cattle or their precious milk. Whereas blue milk was once the drink of a humble wet farmer, this new pink milk is anything but: the drink is so valuable that the empire runs its black market operations in order to obtain it. Staros, insisting she doesn’t deal in livestock, leaves the opportunity to exploit poker for their seemingly endless stream of rose-colored liquid gold.

    Pink milk is not the only change in colored milk star Wars introduced over the years. bad batch The anime series will offer dark blue milk and blue milk with added alcohol, which will also be ordered by Nakano Lash crew members. Bounty Hunters #30 By Ethans Sachs and Paolo Villanelli. Most importantly, fresh green milk from Thala, was drunk regularly by Jedi Master Luke Skywalker during his self-imposed exile on Ahch-To. Given the galaxy’s size, it should come as no surprise that milk colors are present star Wars It began to include the entire visible spectrum.

    While this marks the introduction of all of the po’acksters and their haunting shades of milk into the star WarsHowever, it seems unlikely that either would have had a greater influence on the Sanna Staros saga. If pink milk appears again, know that the drink is either very lucky or rich, and the animal from which it came is a friendly and wonderful entry into the star Wars brutal.

    Sana Starros #1 On sale now from Marvel Comics.

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