Star Trek names Starfleet’s most decorated officer (not Captain Kirk)

    Warning: contains spoilers for Star Trek #7!new Star Trek The comics revealed the most underrated officer in Starfleet history – and it’s not even Captain Kirk. There have been many legendary officers in the annals of Starfleet history, but there is a piece of text at IDW Publishing Star Trek #7 Reveals the Captain who has received the most medals and decorations for service.

    This issue was written by Jackson Lanzing and Colin Kelly, illustrated by Mike Viehan, colored by Lee Loughridge and lettered by Clayton Cowles. Captain Sisko and the ship’s crew Theseus They travel to the Cardassian homeworld to search for the legendary Orb before the Kahlis and the fanatical Red Path cult can find it. A piece of text titled “War Record by Benjamin Sisko” He reveals that Captain Sisko is the most decorated officer in Starfleet history, barely topping the record held by Garth of Izar, the Klingon war hero of the 23rd century.

    Star Trek Cisco Izar

    For seven seasons, Captain Benjamin Sisko commanded the crew Nine depths of space, and shepherded them through some of the most turbulent times in galactic history. The show began with the discovery of a stable wormhole near the planet Bajor, where Nine depths of space were located. Sisko, who had assumed command of the station around the same time, suddenly found himself in charge of one of the most strategically important places in the galaxy. Two years into Sisko’s reign, the Dominion announce their presence, joining forces with the Cardassians and Breen to wage a bloody war against the Federation and its allies. as the leader of the Nine depths of spaceSisko fought in many of the first battles of the Dominion War, as well as some of the most decisive battles – and he didn’t go unnoticed.

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    Sisko’s war record makes him loved by some, hated by others

    Captain Benjamin Sisko and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Nine Dominion War

    Given Sisko’s extensive war record, it makes sense that he’s the most decorated officer in the fleet and a hero of the Federation as a whole – but others see him differently. Readers see a piece of text while a file USS Theseus on his way to Cardassia Prime, where Sisko is promptly arrested on war crimes charges. Captain Sisko’s medals and accolades came at a price – the deaths of countless Cardassians, Jim Hadar and Brin. The Cardassians have not forgotten Sisko’s actions during the Dominion War and while his record makes him a hero in the Alpha Quadrant, it also makes him the most hated man on other planets.

    Star Trek Fans probably assumed that Kirk’s legendary five-year multitasking would get him done for him Most decorated in the fleet, but that’s not the case. As a matter of fact, Kirk’s name is never mentioned in the briefing – only the names Cisco and Izar. While Captain Kirk might seem like the obvious choice for Starfleet’s most honored officer, conflict on a massive scale appears to be the path to that level of recognition – a potentially damning revelation. Star Trekutopian ideals.

    Star Trek #7 On sale now from IDW Publishing!

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