Star Trek gives Captain Pike a devastating DS9-worthy reckoning

    Warning: contains spoilers for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: Illyrian Mystery #4!Captain Pike Star Trek: Strange New Worldshe had an equal moral reckoning with Nine depths of space‘s Benjamin Cisco. in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: The Illyrian Mystery #4Pike must make a difficult moral decision that could have long-term ramifications for both his imprisoned first officer and the Federation as a whole – echoing a similar dilemma Cisco found himself in during one of his missions. Deep Space Nine Most acclaimed episodes.

    This issue was written by Kirsten Baer and Mike Johnson, illustrated by Megan Levins, colored by Charlie Kirchhoff and written by Neil Oitaki. On the former Illyrian homeworld, Spock discovers evidence that the species’ reliance on genetic modification was the result of first contact with a pre-logic Vulcan. This information could change the Federation’s ideals, swinging them in favor of augmentations like Una, Pike’s Number One. However, Da-Kil, an Illyrian commander working with Pike, decides otherwise, believing that if his people learned that they were “mere toys” of the Vulcans, it could change their view of themselves, ultimately destroying their society. Later, Pike takes a supplementary log, outlining his objections to their course of action, but resolves that he and Spock will keep the knowledge secret – for the time being. Bayek then deletes the entire history.

    Captain Pike keeps secrets from the Federation

    Star Trek Captain Log Pike

    Illyrian riddle pick up where Strange new worlds The season finale ends with Number One, an Illyrian, in Starfleet custody due to her Illyrian heritage. Illyrians practice genetic modification, which is against Federation law. Desperate to find a way to clear Number One’s name, Bayek heads to what was once an Illyrian homeworld, which has been abandoned for centuries. There, Spock was kidnapped by the Illryians and genetically modified to withstand the planet’s harsh climate. Spock finds evidence that pre-logic Vulcans made first contact with Illyrians thousands of years ago – information that could unlock the Number One.

    Bayek has a new likeness to Captain Sisko

    Sisko negotiates with Romulan in Star Trek DS9

    Nevertheless, Pike chooses to sit on this negative evidence, and his dilemma here is remarkably similar to the one in which Captain Benjamin Sisko finds himself in the classics. Nine depths of space Episode “In the Pale Moonlight.” Set during the devastating Dominion War, “In the Fading Moonlight” saw Sisko plot to bring the Romulans into the conflict. From the start, Sisko’s ethics are compromised, and by the end of the episode, Sisko has used a dangerous criminal, bribed Quark and was an accessory to murder. Sisko listed all of these events in a personal log entry; Part of the reason Sisko took the log was so he could comprehend what he had done. The episode ends with Sisko deleting the personal history and all evidence of his crimes.

    Captain Pike could change the galaxy

    Strange New Worlds Tragic Captain Pike

    It is these records, recorded over the course of a century, that connect Pike and Cisco. What Pike, Spock, and company learn about the Illyrians could have massive ramifications for the Federation; The federation has a zero-tolerance policy towards genetic modification, and this could change all of that, as well as one clear number. However, Bayek decided to keep quiet to protect the Illyrians themselves. Both Bayek and Cisco kept secrets from Star TrekThe Federation because they thought it was for the best, but in doing so they entered morally dark waters, making individual decisions that affected the entire galaxy – and hopefully, Pike came to terms with that decision more decisively than Cisco ever did.

    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: The Illyrian Mystery #4 On sale now from IDW Publishing!

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