Snag’s trailer brings Paramount’s violent tale to the modern era

    Paramount has revealed the official trailer for the new movie obstacle. Set to be released on Digital and in select theaters April 28, 2023, the film has been described as “a violent modern day thriller,” and it’s easy to see why that fits when you watch the trailer. You can decide for yourself by watching the video below.

    Ben Milliken (Alice Lake(Directed using a screenplay by Brent A. Tarnol)The cosmic conquest of Captain Carroll). It stars Milliken in the title role alongside Jaime Camil (Jane the Virgin), Johnny Beauchamp (Penny dreadful), David Zayas (GeeseAnd dexter), Sofia Castro (monster party), Michelle Ortiz (I think you should leave with Tim Robinson), and Ana Ortiz (Big mom: like father, like son). obstacle Produced by Lamar Billups, Doug Metzger, and Ben Milliken.

    obstacle It appears to be a movie with no shortage of action and a bit of a Tarantino-esque edge, go by the trailer. There is a romantic aspect to the film as well, as Milliken’s character seeks to save the love of his life who was thought dead. To keep her safe, he’d obviously burn through a lot of bullets…and spill a lot of blood.

    The official summary of obstacle As follows:

    The quiet existence of an Australian lone wolf is shattered when he learns that the woman he loved and thought dead is alive and held captive by ruthless gangsters. Now, to take on this dangerous criminal organization, he must seek allies and plunge into a world of violence to save the love of his life in this violent, gritty, modern-day fantasy tale.

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    Snag is coming to theaters and digital in April

    Paramount Snug (2)

    This movie follows the work of Ben Milliken last year Run and gun, an action movie featuring the actor and director in the title role. While he’s still on the rise as a director, Milliken has appeared in other film projects, such as last year’s comedy party bloc So are movies Mighty OakAnd Emerald RunAnd Sonora, Devil’s Highway. He has also appeared in TV shows such as giantAnd real streamAnd Bush. But his work in Run and gun It certainly suggests how well he performs obstaclethough he is now tasked with directing himself to this project as well.

    obstacle, which is rated R for worldwide gory violence and language, hits Digital and select cinemas April 28, 2023, courtesy of Paramount. Its VOD release will follow on May 12, 2023.

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