School spirits Janet Twist hints at Maddy’s next move (and her dead body)

    Maddie’s story isn’t over yet School spirits The finale added an unexpected twist surrounding her death. Maddie went into the final episode of the season convinced her mother was her killer. Maddie’s boyfriend Simon investigates this possibility and finds Maddie’s necklace in her mother’s drawer. It was the same necklace that Maddie was wearing the day she died. However, Maddy has flashbacks of the day of her death when she goes with Simone to question her mother, and realizes her mother is innocent. Her actual death was connected to a spirit named Janet, who everyone thought was trans.

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    After Dawn’s character causes a light show at school when she crosses, everyone starts to wonder why the same thing didn’t happen when she crossed Janet. It became clear that Janet had not actually crossed over. At the end of the finale, it is revealed that Janet’s spirit possesses a physical body, and Maddie is not dead. Unfortunately, the final scene shows Janet in Maddy’s body as she leaves town, which means Maddie will be stuck around as a spirit for a little while longer until she can figure out where Janet has gone.

    Maddie needs to track down her body in School Morals season 2

    Madi Nears in School of Spirits

    School spirits The first season followed Maddy and her friends’ mission to find out who killed her. Now that the truth has been revealed, season two has a new mission: discovering how Maddy can find Janet and get her body back. In the final scene, Janet buys a bus ticket to get out of town. However, before getting on the bus, she rips off a missing poster about Maddy’s disappearance. This will be a challenge as Maddie and the spirits are not allowed off school property. Because they died in the school, they were trapped there until they crossed over. In Maddie’s case, she is trapped there until she gets her body back.

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    Fortunately, there is a way for Maddy to get back inside her own body. Maddy is warned not to use hypnosis to try to recover her memory of how she died because it could cause another spirit to enter her body. This was a hint of what really happened to Maddie. However, it could also be the perfect way to expel Janet from her body and restore it. It’s unclear if Maddie can do this from anywhere or if she needs to send Janet back to school to use hypnosis to restore her body.

    How will Maddy’s return affect her friendships with spirits?

    Possession of Madi Neirs in the School of Spirits

    in School spiritsThe living cannot interact with the dead. The only exception is that Simon can see Maddie, and Janet’s twist proves why Maddie isn’t actually dead. She just separated from her body. If Madi returned to her body, it could mean that she could no longer interact with other spirits. This will be a bittersweet ending because Maddie will be back in her life, but she may have to say goodbye to the friends she’s made.

    It would be especially sad for her to say goodbye to Wally since the two had a romantic relationship all season long. However, since she previously spoke to ghosts, she may still have this ability when she returns to her body. Another option could be that the friends she made could cross over because they helped her get her body back, which means things end well for everyone.

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