School of Rock reunites with Jack Black for its 20th Anniversary

    Super Mario Bros movie a star black jack He says he will soon be reuniting with his fellow comedy film mates rock school. It was released in theaters on October 3, 2003. rock school It starred Black as a wannabe rock star with big dreams of achieving success in rock music. Forging his identity to become a substitute teacher at a prep school, Rock forms a new band made up of fourth graders in hopes of winning the Battle of the Bands competition. Mike White (white lotus(wrote the film directed by Richard Linklater)Apollo 10 1/2: A Childhood in the Space Age).

    talk with Entertainment tonightBlack revealed that he plans to reunite the cast rock school in September just before the film’s 20th anniversary. Of course, all of that movie’s former co-stars are no longer children, and that seems a little hard to believe for Black. However, he’s very much looking forward to jamming with all his old friends from the cast, two decades later. As Black explains:

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    “All these kids—dig that—were 10 when we made this movie and now they’re all, like, 30. We’re going to get together and celebrate our 20th anniversary. We love getting together. I look forward to seeing all of the adults from rock school. “

    Fans should also expect to get a glimpse of the cast getting back together. Black has promised he will be “100 percent” involved in photos and footage of the reunion when it happens.

    Sadly, a full reunion is not possible, as Kevin Clarke, who played the young drummer, passed away in 2021. The former child star cast also consisted of Miranda Cosgrove, Joey Gaidos Jr., Rivka Reyes, Robert Tsai, Maryam Hasan, and Alisha . Allen, Caitlin Hill, Brian Valdotto, Z Infante, James Hussey, Angelo Massagli, and Cole Hawkins.

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    School of Rock was a huge hit in theaters

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    rock school It grossed over $131 million at the box office against a budget of around $35 million. It was also well received by critics, with a 92% rating at Rotten Tomatoes. Black was also nominated at the Golden Globe Awards for his role in the film.

    In the years following the release of rock schoolBlack seemed interested in a sequel, but a follow-up film never came to fruition. The story was adapted into a stage show by Andrew Lloyd Webber, which debuted in 2015 and grossed over $160 million by the time it ended in 2019. Meanwhile, the film also inspired a TV series adaptation that was successful for Nickelodeon, eventually for two. Three seasons online.

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