Saberstaff’s origin in Star Wars explains why he redesigned the Sith lightsaber

    the star Wars The famous saberstaffs in the saga first appeared in the Legends comic prior to their famous on-screen debut in previous sequels, and their origin is closely linked to the Sith Order. Stephen’s most famous saber is Darth Maul’s lightsaber, famous for dueling Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, but it was ancient Sith Lord Exar Kun who was the first to wield such a weapon. Kon’s evil intentions when he goes after his dual lightsaber highlight key differences between Jedi and Sith, despite both factions wielding weapons.

    Four years ago imaginary dangersaberstaff first appeared in version 3 of the Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi – War of the Sith, by Kevin J. Anderson and Dario Carrasco, Jr. After falling to the dark side and becoming a Sith Lord, Exar Kun dueled and defeated his former Jedi master with his unconventional staff, using his enhanced offensive and defensive abilities to his advantage. While the saberstaff is a more aggressive weapon than the classic single-bladed lightsaber, it’s also less accurate and more prone to damage, making it a proper misfit of the original lightsaber design just as Sith Lords are to the Jedi Knights.

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    Saberstaff’s fraternal relations are explained

    Exar Kun's Lightsaber in Star Wars Tales of the Jedi Sith War #3.

    Although Exar Kun was one of the most powerful and famous Dark Lords in the history of the Sith Order, he was also one of their most unconventional lords. Not only did Exar Kun bestow upon himself the title of Darth nor change the blue-bladed weapon of the former Jedi to a red-bladed weapon (although he imbued his weapon with the dark side), but he became a legendary figure in Sith history who made a lasting impression on the history of the galaxy. Exar Kun’s invention of the saberstaff is one such innovation, as the weapon was widely used by both Jedi and Sith after its invention.

    The design of the saberstaff is rather simple, consisting, essentially, of a single-bladed lightsaber fused by the pommel, but its two blades allow for faster, more aggressive offensive strikes and a greater defensive screen against explosive bolts. Despite this, the weapon’s larger size made its handle much more vulnerable than a single-bladed lightsaber. Saberstaffs are also often a more fearsome weapon than even a standard lightsaber, and this, combined with their Sith ancestry, has led to them being referred to as “Sith Lightsabers” For some time.

    Darth Maul wields a double-bladed lightsaber in The Phantom Menace

    Just as the single-bladed lightsaber is a Jedi creation adopted by the Sith and its justice, the Jedi will continue to forge and wield it using lightsaber crystals that are not corrupted by the dark side of the Force. The Sith created the saberstaff as a more aggressive type of lightsaber, but the Jedi quickly adapted to the weapons, exploiting their weaknesses and building their own iterations to use against the Dark Lords.

    star Wars Legends makes it clear that the Sabers, like the Sith themselves, are perfect foils for their Jedi ancestors.

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