Rumor has it that the live-action series sank with its first audience test

    Live-action adaptations of the hugely popular long-running classic cartoon are becoming a growing trend, and Netflix Especially he wasn’t shy about jumping on board that ship, for better or for worse. Its latest ambitious project of this kind is a long-term adaptation one piece, which is one of the most popular cartoons of all time. A recent test screening of the show was held to gauge the initial audience reaction, and word spread quickly across the internet in the past couple of days that the show was an absolute disaster that left its audience confused and completely unsatisfied with what they saw. However, according to a report from ComicBook, a long time ago one piece Collaborator Greg Werner adamantly denies that the reaction was anything negative.

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    the one piece First announced by Netflix in 2020, the live-action adaptation is a massive project that’s a long concept in the works and has a lot going for it. It’s based on the world’s best-selling manga of the same name, which premiered in Shonen Jump magazine back in 1997 and has since spawned an astonishing 95 volumes with nearly a thousand chapters, and an equally popular anime series. Since the announcement of the streaming platform, there have been concerns about what’s to come with promotional posters, an image of the first script’s title page, and a first-look trailer released during Netflix’s Geeked Week this past summer, as well as a tentative premiere date of August 31st, 2023. Shooting took place in Cape Town, South Africa last year with plenty of room for ships built from scratch, and wrapped at the end of August. The casting of the show’s main characters has finally been announced with Iñaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy, Mackenyu as Roronoa Zero, Jacob Gibson as Usopp, Emily Rudd as Nami, Taz Skylar as Sanji and many more.

    Confusion behind exam screening

    One Piece Luffy

    With the live-action series likely to debut later this summer, a test scan was recently held with the public to get an initial reaction. Initial word about the show on Twitter via an account called Divinity Seeker claimed audience response was catastrophically poor, citing poorly rendered CGI, tone and writing issues, and so on. A legitimate tale, but new light has now been shed by one of One Piece collaborators Greg Werner. Although not related to the actual Netflix series being produced, he has long worked with Shueisha on the long-running Eiichiro Oda series, and his comments carry a lot of weight. Zev revealed that the beta screening was poor, and asked fans to ignore articles born with rumours.

    The first season of one piece The series is set to premiere on Netflix later this year, with an unconfirmed potential release date of August 31st. The first trailer released during Geeked week that gives a behind-the-scenes perspective of the show can be viewed below.

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