RJ Mitte takes on super strength in The Unseen Trailer

    The official court has been released for Unseena brand new horror movie starring Too bad‘s RJ Mitte. Picked up by Gravitas Ventures for a North American release, the film is now set to hit a limited number of theaters and on-demand platforms on June 30th. It follows Mitte as a law student targeted by an evil supernatural force, and as his troubles mount, the film becomes more and more difficult to tell what is real and what isn’t. Or as the synopsis says, “He finds himself losing his mind in a twisted web of murder and deceit spawned by a dark force from his past – an unstoppable supernatural rage bent on achieving his terrifying goal.”

    You can check out this new trailer for yourself below.

    Unseen Written and produced by Jennifer A. goodman (Better Call SaulAnd Conrad), who stars in the movie alongside Mitt. It is being produced under Goodman’s Lakefront Pictures banner along with co-founder Ryan Atkins. The pair oversaw the production. Vincent Shedd directed and produced with Mitty Goodman, Atkins, Jordan Ansel, Evan J.

    Along with Mitte and Goodman, the film also stars Christian Stolt (Chicago fire), William Mark McCullough (the walking Dead), Sue Cremin (FBI), Candice Rose (Weird things), Kimberly Michelle Vaughn (empire) and Ava Bianchi and Rebekah Kennedy (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit).

    “As someone on the autism spectrum who has struggled my whole life, I am honored to be able to bring this film to such a large audience, supporting people whose voices may not be heard through my work and opening people’s perspectives to a world of creativity,” Goodman said of the project.

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    RJ Mitte faces his unseen fears

    invisible image
    Lake Front photo

    This is a new kind of threat that RJ Mitte is facing. the Too bad The alum has some experience in the horror genre after appearing in titles like I remember And Oak room. He has also appeared in other movies such as Rivers run redAnd Stand by SunnyAnd victory. The actor also had roles in shows VegasAnd It was replaced at birthAnd Now the end of the world. Most recently, he’s been working on an animated/live-action hybrid series on Netflix Guardians of justice.

    Mitty lives with cerebral palsy, and has spoken candidly about how excellent he is at providing on-screen representation in the roles he plays. It was a major plot point Too bad It is often part of the story of Mitte projects. He recently talked about how important it is to have that representation on screen.

    “Having positive effects on individuals with disabilities, not just cerebral palsy, but all of them change the way you think,” he said via WUWF. “I think this can really inspire individuals, and that can do wonders for confidence and self-esteem. If you see a character who goes through the same struggle as you, and succeeds, and in your life they may not be, it can help inspire you to get that extra push.”

    Unseen It will be shown in limited theaters and will be available on demand on June 30, 2023.

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