Rick and Morty forces Rick to confront the most brutal lessons of season four

    warning! This article contains spoilers for Rick and Morty #3Although season 4 of Rick and Morty Generally considered the worst yet, the fandom has provided a number of thought-provoking questions and even some life lessons for the characters. While Rick himself isn’t terribly affected by any of them, he does have to grapple with one lesson in particular in Rick and Morty’s final story – and it’s just too harsh.

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    in Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 2, “The Old Man and the Crotch”, Rick discovers that someone else in the universe has used his secret toilet, a hidden toilet on a seemingly uninhabited paradise planet with artificial life forms. As it turns out, Rick is a shy spoiler, so the idea of ​​sharing a toilet with someone — especially someone he doesn’t know — is off-putting. Using his inventive genius, Rick is able to track down the person who used the toilet: an alien working in the office named Tony. When Rick threatens to kill Tony in one of his office’s conference rooms, Tony accepts his fate. Tony tells Rick that his wife died not long ago, and that using Rick’s toilet was a nice reprieve from the pain he is experiencing from missing her. After he hears this, Rick travels to an alternate universe where Tony’s wife was still alive, yet Tony still used this version of Rick’s toilet. Rick then tells Tony not to use his “dead wife” as an excuse for his actions, since the other Tony proved he was going to use Rick’s toilet regardless.

    Rick learns the lesson he was taught by Tony in season 4 of Rick and Morty

    Rick and Morty challenge his alternate self.

    Oni Press Rick and Morty #3 by Alex Firer and Fred C. Stresing Rick fights a version of Mr. Goldenfold (Morty’s math teacher) who is just as smart as he is. This Mr. Goldenfold is on a mission that threatens every version of Rick in all universes, so Rick has to stop him. Meanwhile, Morty forms a romantic relationship with Noelle, Mr. Goldenfold’s niece, though this is of little significance to Rick, as he has found another version of himself willing to help stop Mr. Goldenfold. The main difference between Rick C-137 and the new Rick is that Diane’s alternate Rick is still alive. Diane is Rick’s wife who was killed by an alternate version of himself, though this only happened to Rick’s death. New Rick, who is just a simple math teacher, is still married to Diane alive, without any multifaceted threat to her life for the foreseeable future. However, this Rick basically says he wishes he existed.

    During the assignment, Rick’s math teacher says he doesn’t want to go home because he hates his life, and most of all, he hates his marriage. He even says he sometimes wishes Diane dead, and he says this right in front of C-137. Rick freaks out at the math teacher, exclaiming that he spent his entire life mourning the loss of his murdered wife, and the math teacher Rick brushes it off. This whole scene is exactly like the scene Rick and Tony appear in from Season 4. Rick has always been under the impression that his nihilism stems from the loss of his wife, but this is not the case. This Rick’s wife is very much alive, and he’s still a selfish, arrogant guy who only really does things because he wants to do them.

    Seeing a Rick that Diane is still alive, but still has all the negative traits that Rick C-137 possesses, was a grim lesson imposed on Rick. Rick can’t blame his “dead wife” for his actions anymore, because he has living proof that he would have turned out as he would anyway – the same brutal lesson Rick taught Tony in Rick and Morty Season 4.

    Rick and Morty #3 by Oni Press is now available.

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