Rachel Lindsay accuses Chris Harrison of starting The Bachelor host rumors

    The BacheloretteABC’s Rachel Lindsay has commented on the rumors that ABC is in talks with Chris Harrison to return to the show BSC franchise. After hosting for nearly 20 years, Chris left the franchise in 2021 when he stood up for contestant Rachel Kirkconnell, who previously attended Antebellum. Bachelor’s Superstar Jesse Palmer was chosen to take Chris’ place after two seasons as the Reserve Hosts.

    while appearing on Watch what’s happening liveAnd, sharing with @bravowwhl on TikTok, Rachel was asked what she thinks of the rumors that Chris is dating. Bachelor’s franchise. Rachel laughed and said quickly, “I think this was a rumor started by his team.”

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    continued to say, “I mean, he has a podcast to promote. It’s something we talk about, you know what I mean?” The Bachelorette The star was clearly unaffected by the rumor itself, and Any looked as if he hadn’t even heard of it.

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    “There’s no way,” says Rachel Lindsay, ABC Re-Hires Chris Harrison

    Bachelor Chris Harrison

    Rachel added, “There’s no way. They’ve been through a lot with what was going on with the fallout. There’s no way they can have these conversations.” Then the reality star laughed and moved on from the conversation. Rachel really makes a good point. After the controversy that occurred, ABC was quick to take action in 2021, and while Chris reportedly stepped down of his own accord, it certainly wasn’t his decision alone to do so. After this kind of fallout happened recently, it’s highly unlikely that ABC will be in talks to bring him back at this time.

    Chris’s complete exit from BSC The franchise came after an interview where he defended A.J bachelorette A contestant after photos emerged of her attending an antebellum themed party. This kind of behavior in any form is definitely not something that should be tolerated. Just because something happened years ago doesn’t make it right. An apology was required from the contestant, and his defense of her was a little silly. Chris standing up for her was definitely not his best move, but if that’s the way he really feels, then it really doesn’t matter how long he’s been a part of Bachelor’s franchise He’s better off without it.

    It’s comical to think that Kris was going to start rumors about himself regarding a potential comeback, but people have done crazier things than that to get some press going. Reportedly, his podcast is doing well, but that likely doesn’t make up for his actions and the disruption the network has caused. ABC recently hired a permanent host. Jesse will host BSC And The Bachelorette to move on. Time will tell if the rumors are true, and if viewers will be shocked or if they will laugh with Rachel.

    BSC It airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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    Source: @bravowwhl / TikTok

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