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    The public never expected that in 2001, The Fast and the Furious It will become a household name. It seems almost impossible for a franchise to be as big as it is; After all, the first movie was a live action movie about racing. Somehow, the films beat the odds and became one of the biggest multi-billion dollar racing franchises of all time. There were nine movies with the tenth movie, X is fastis set to premiere in May 2023, and if fans include Hobbes and Shaw Spinoffs, there are 11 techno movies in the series.

    A small franchise that could have had humble beginnings as a race movie, but turned out to be a mess in the best way possible. Now, the Toretto crew has evolved into the global espionage and adventure, which the movies seem to star in. The series has had some outlandish on-screen stunts and impossible storylines, but has continued to exceed all expectations since it has some of the coolest ensemble cast out there. X is fast It’s no different, and it has a huge roster of characters to appear.

    Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw

    Jason Statham and The Rock fight in Furious 7
    Universal Pictures

    played before Jason StathamDeckard Shaw became part of Toretto’s crew in The fate of the angrywhich in turn gave him a show of his own Hobbes and Shaw. Shaw even got his own post-credit scene in F9 which showed that he would rejoin Dom V’s crew X is fast.

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    Helen Mirren as Queenie Shaw

    Helen Mirren arrives in a new set photo from Fast & Furious 8
    Universal Pictures

    Deckard Shaw’s mother, Queenie Shaw (Helen Mirren) , Back to The Fast and the Furious world. This is the fourth appearance in the franchise, as it was her first film The fate of the angrywhen Dom uses her as an agent to hire her two sons, Deckard and Owen. She is also a leader of a women’s militia. Cinema Blend reports that Queenie has a cute moment with Dom in X is fast.

    John Cena as Jacob Toretto

    John Cena is quick to anger
    Universal Pictures

    Jacob Toretto (John Cena) is the older brother of Mia and Dom Toretto, who hasn’t seen his siblings in years. He used to work for Mr. Nobody, but decided to team up with Cipher to get revenge on his brother. Dom and Jacob have made amends since the end F9.

    Ludacris as Tig Parker

    Fasting 6- Ludacris
    Universal Pictures

    Tig Parker (Ludacris) is an old friend of Brian’s who first appeared in the franchise during 2 fast 2 furious. He’s a mechanic, but also seems to be the tech guru the team uses in several films.

    Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pearce

    Tyrese Gibson in Fast and Furious returns to Fast X
    Universal Pictures

    played before Tyrese GibsonRoman Pearce is a childhood friend of Brian V 2 fast 2 furious. He is an expert street racer, but also the most talkative of the crew. Gibson told Collider that fans should fasten their seat belts X is fast take action globally.

    Song Kang as Han

    Will Sung Kang return as Han in Fast and Furious 9?
    Universal Pictures

    The first appearance of Song KangHan was in the third movie Fast and Furious: Tokyo DriftWhere he was killed in a car accident. Any movie after the third movie is set before the events in Tokyo Drift until angry 7. Han joins Dom Vee’s crew The Fast and the Furious It quickly became a fan favorite, and so Justice for Han became a fan campaign. in F9However, it is revealed that Han never died, but actually faked his death to work for Mr. Nobody.

    Jordana Brewster as Mia Toretto

    Mia Toretto
    Universal Pictures

    mia (Jordana Brewster) is Dom’s younger sister and Brian’s wife. She tends to stay away from more intense work since she had kids. However, Mia does have some knowledge of cars, which is why she and Brian had an immediate connection. After a break, Mia returns F9 for Dom’s help in Jacob, and now fans will see more of her in X is fast.

    Michelle Rodriguez as Letty Ortiz

    Michelle Rodriguez Fast and Furious
    Universal Pictures

    Michelle RodriguezLetty’s started in the franchise as Dom’s girlfriend and mechanic. She is also one of the best drivers in Dom’s crew. Letty looked like she died in the fourth movie, but in fast and furious 6, It is revealed that she is still alive and has amnesia. during angry 7It is revealed that Dom and Letty are already married.

    Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto

    Producer Vin Diesel in Furious 7
    Universal Pictures

    always (Vin Diesel) is the leader of this diverse crew of drivers and tech experts. He started out as a street racer in Los Angeles, but managed to lead his crew to pull off thefts and government jobs. Dom seems to have three core values ​​that he’s modeling in the wake of his life: family, fast cars, and cold Corona.

    Cardi B as Lisa

    Cardi B as Lisa
    Universal Pictures

    lisa (Cardi B) is an old friend of Dom’s and Kara’s sister, and is one of his crew The Fast and the FuriousAccording to Eagle. She currently runs an all-female mercenary group and helps Dom when she can. It also appears that Leysa has some sort of connection to Queenie Shaw that has yet to be explored.

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    Scott Eastwood as Eric Reisner (Little Nobody)

    Scott Eastwood as Little Nobody in Fast and Furious
    Universal Pictures

    no one (Scott Eastwood) is a law enforcement officer who works with Mr. Nobody as he was first seen in The fate of the angry. He is not exactly friendly with the Doom crew as he disapproves of their methods, but he does try to work with them. Currently, his role is unknown X is fast Since his boss took a plane that crashed.

    Michael Rooker as Friends

    Michael Rooker The Fate of the Furious
    Universal Pictures

    Michael RookerFriends was a member of Dom’s father’s crew, who took care of Jacob before he decided to take revenge on his brother V.I F9. He is loyal to the Toretto family, but seems to have a rocky relationship with Dom after witnessing his father’s terrible death, but seems to be on better terms with him because he and Jacob have worked things out.

    Charlize Theron as Cipher

    First look at Charlize Theron as Cipher in Fast & Furious 8
    Universal Pictures

    code (Charlize Theron) is a cyber-terrorist who pulled it out for Dom. She is her biggest villain The fate of the angry And he helps Jacob take revenge on his brother F9. She continues to be eluded by Doom, his crew, and even Mr. Nobody.

    Nathalie Emmanuel as Ramsay

    Ramsay from Fast and Furious
    Universal Pictures

    played before Natalie EmmanuelRamsay was kidnapped because of her hacking skills and the creation of her show God’s Eye. Retained by Doom because of her amazing computer skills, she accepts her status as a full member of Doom’s crew.

    Daniela Melchoir as Isabelle

    Daniela Melchoir on the set of Fast X.
    Universal Pictures

    At the moment, there is no complete set of information about Daniela MelchoirOther than the fact that she is a Brazilian street racer, Isabel has a strong connection to Dom’s past.

    Alan Ritchson as Agent Remus

    Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher
    Prime Video

    Alan RichsonAgent Rimes will replace Mr. Nobody as head of the agency. Rimes doesn’t seem to get along with Dom and his crew unlike Mr. Nobody, which means that Dom’s crew has a lot going their way. X is fast.

    Brie Larson as Tess

    Brie Larson Fast X
    Universal Pictures

    Brie LarsonTess is also from the agency, but is a rogue agent who teams up with Dom’s crew. Game Rant says that Tess and Dom’s crew will take on the agency’s new leader.

    Rita Moreno as Apuleta Toretto

    Rita Moreno Fast X
    Universal Pictures

    Abulita Toretto (Rita Moreno) is the grandmother of the Toretto brothers. She is supposed to have a vital role in the siblings’ lives, which, if there’s anything we know about Toretto, is how important family is to them.

    Jason Momoa as Dante

    Jason Momoa Fast X
    Universal Pictures/Trans Empire

    Dante (Jason Momoa) is an ally of Cipher and the son of drug dealer Hernan Reyes, who was the villain in quick five And he was killed by Hobbes. Dante seeks revenge after his father’s death and will obtain it by any means necessary.

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