Pokémon reveals the secret superpower of the classic Gen 1 Pokémon

    the Pokemon The latest episode of the anime series Aim to become a master The miniseries saw the return of a number of classic Generation 1 Pokémon, including the Caterpillar that Pikachu befriended. But this is one Caterpillar with some wild uses for one of its core technologies, String Shot, which basically turns this classic creature into Pokémon’s Spider-Man.

    In the sixth episode of Aim to become a masterHowever, Pikachu is separated from Ash and ends up with Meowth, who is also missing from Team Pokémon Rocket. Pikachu also tries to retrieve Ash’s hat, which has been blown away by the wind. The nearby Caterbury saw which way the hat had gone and tried to lead it, but it went too slowly for Meowth’s satisfaction. So, Caterpillar decided to pull out its secret getaway technology: Fire a String Shot toward tree branches, then swing through the woods like New York City’s Spider-Man.

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    Secret Caterpillar Pokemon Spider Man

    Pokémon: The caterpillar swings through the trees like Spider-Man.

    In games, String Shot is usually used to stun an opponent, slowing them down. It can do no harm and is learned at a low level, so almost every Caterpillar probably knows it. In animation, Caterpillar’s evolution, the Metapod, is often shown hanging from trees by a string, supposedly created using String Shot, so it makes sense that Caterpillar could use the technology in this way. The string was strong enough to carry Pikachu and Meowth with him as he swung from tree to tree.

    Pokémon anime has never shied away from creative applications of gaming technologies. One of Ash’s powerful suits has always been coming up with weird tricks and tricks, like activating the infamous water sprinklers that allowed him to defeat Brock and win his badge with Pikachu. What’s interesting here is that wild Pokemon like Caterpillars would be able to devise such means of getting around. Bug Pokémon tend to have the short end of the stick when it comes to intelligence, but this episode seems to prove otherwise.

    Pikachu and Meowth are, of course, reunited with their human friends by the end of the episode. While Caterpillar didn’t save the day on its own, it certainly did its fair share to help, and the famous first generation Pokemon Until she was able to surprise by transforming ordinary strength into super strength of Spider-Man.

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