Philippa Sue starred in Soap, a complicated love story

    In recent months, the Taylor Jenkins Reid edit that has garnered the most attention has been swinging Prime Video Daisy Jones and the Six series. On top of that, Reid already has several more mods in the works, and just the idea of ​​each one has inspired quite a bit of excitement online. amid all this true lovea film based on one of Reid’s previous novels. true love It couldn’t be further from glitz and glamour Daisy Jones And other projects are in development, though that’s not a knock against its quality. true love It suffers at times from melodrama and a gruff approach, but the winning trio and its earnest portrayal of love save the day.

    Travel writer turned bookseller Emma (Philippa Su) is about to make a fresh start. After tragically losing her adventurous husband, Jesse (Luke Bracy), years ago, Emma has just gotten engaged to her high school boyfriend Sam (Simo Liu) and is ready to start a new life with him. However, everything is quickly turned upside down when, right after celebrating her new engagement with her family, she learns that Jesse is indeed alive and returns home. Torn between the person she used to be and the person she will become, Emma is faced with an impossible decision: to go back to Jesse, or to move on with Sam.

    Philippa Sue and Luke Brassey in One True Loves
    Philippa Sue and Luke Brassey in One True Loves

    Reid wrote the screenplay true love Alongside her husband is Alex Jenkins Reid, while Andy Fickman is in to direct. Admittedly, the film gets off to a rocky start due to its time-jump format, which swings between Emma’s present and her past with Jesse. While this is necessary to establish the bond she shares with Jesse, it somewhat dampens the momentum of Emma’s realization that her long-lost husband is, in fact, alive. After they are reunited—in which Jesse clearly believes he and Emma are still destined to be together— true love It picks up the story and gives it space to delve into Emma’s conflicted feelings. to true loveTo his credit, he does not seek to nudge the audience in one direction or the other; Emma’s feelings for both Jessie and Sam are clear and it proves too much for her to be with either man. However, Emma’s final decision becomes somewhat obvious at a certain point, which hampers the notion that her situation is difficult.

    With a premise like this, it seems inevitable that the plot will indulge in some cheesy tendencies. The script does not allow for too many subtexts, or for the viewer to be able to draw their own conclusions. Instead, the characters make spot-on assessments and embarrassing statements. There are subtle moments of humor that make up for those excesses, but it just feels so true love So keen on moving the plot that it eschews natural dialogue for a more edgy approach. Fortunately, despite some of his more outrageous behavior, the movie still proves to be a serious exploration of love. Emma’s adventures with Jesse and Sam each have swoon-worthy moments, and her final romantic gesture with the man of her choice is charmingly silly. It hits the rom-com sweet spot and should leave viewers smiling.

    Phillipa Soo and Simu Liu in One True Loves

    It also helps true love It is based on some beloved artists. Sue, best known for playing Eliza in the original Broadway cast Hamilton, captures Emma’s conflicted feelings in a sympathetic manner. The fact that she has to portray everything from her raw sadness to her unbridled happiness means that Sue will really show off her collection. As Jesse, Bracey needs to repair his adventurous spirit and a newly traumatized reality, and he does so in a way that gives Jesse his sympathy, even as he shows a more selfish side. Marvel star Liu initially seems like he’s getting the short end of the stick as Sam, but he gets an excellent performance in a warm, funny raucous session with the high school orchestra he leads. Plus, Michaela Conlin deserves praise for her candid and refreshing performance as Emma’s sister, Mary. Their relationship is the highlight of the movie.

    true love It may not be Reed’s most popular novel, but it has been adapted nonetheless with real care. The soap’s premise won’t be for everyone, and its heavy-handed approach can be alienating. However, those who wish to join Emma on this (mostly) complicated journey may find themselves intrigued in the end. true love It sends a powerful message about finding love after loss, and not being afraid to embrace a new reality. This is something that could resonate with anyone.

    true love It will hit theaters April 7 and digital April 14. It is 100 minutes long and is rated PG-13 for some suggestive material and language.

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