Perfect Match’s Georgia claims Francesca told her to date Dom

    Georgina Hisarati won perfect match Season 1, and she’s now making a big claim about fellow cast member Francesca Farago. The Australian witch has been dealing with a backlash that she largely attributes to bullying from Francesca, who ruthlessly embodied the villain on Netflix’s new reality TV dating competition show that saw Georgia pick the winner alongside Francesca’s former flame Dom Gabrielle. After dealing with fan backlash to her breakup with Dom, Georgia has since opened up about her experience perfect match.

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    Georgia appeared Viall files Podcast to refuse to cheat perfect matchDom Gabrielle, with whom she is no longer, accuses Francesca of lying. Although Francesca made it sound like Georgia shocked her with Dom’s choice perfect matchGeorgia explains that Francesca asked Georgia to leave her match Chase D’Amore and pursue Dom.

    “I was terrified to watch it again,Georgia said Viall files About how Francesca behaved perfect match. Georgia added that she thinks Francesca has it ‘bigger problem’ With her, she has nothing to do with Dum. Georgia match Francesca Damien Powers also said he had feelings for her.

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    Georgia in The Perfect Match claims Francesca lied and got lost on her

    Side-by-side photos of Perfect Match stars Georgia, Dom, and Francesca

    Georgia emphasized how much Francesca was involved in her life for no reason and made it clear that she was never friends with Francesca perfect match He had not met her before. “I think she was very much involved in something that had nothing to do with her,Georgia said of Francesca’s discussion of her previous split with Dom. “She wasn’t there, she wasn’t part of our relationship, she had no idea what was going on,she added. Georgia also accused Francesca of trying to trick Georgia into speaking badly about Dom by telling her there were no cameras when there was a secret camera, though Georgia refused to do so.

    While the two women met for the first time during perfect match Season 1 When Georgia enters the house, she makes it clear that they are no longer friends. Francesca acted cheating on camera and accused Georgia of cheating on Dom with Harry Joosy. Harry is currently back with his on-again, off-again girlfriend Georgia, again, although he proposed to Francesca after they photoshoot. Too hot to handle Season 1. Dom and Georgia no longer speak, though he has patched things up with Francesca and even met her current partner, Jesse Sully. It seems that the worst blood exists between Georgia and Francesca.

    When it comes to their futures on Netflix reality TV shows, both Francesca and Georgia are likely to be looked up to. Named after Francesca A perfect match The first season’s massive villain, while Georgia was much better received. However, she is now being bombarded with cheating accusations. It seems that both Francesca and Georgia are unhappy with the negativity it is receiving, which even leads to Georgia saying that she will not be doing another reality TV show. Considering the fact that both ladies are now in happy, committed relationships, there is little chance that they will return perfect match Season 2.

    perfect match The first season is available to stream on Netflix.

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    Sources: Viall Files/Apple Podcasts, Viall Files/Instagram

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