Owen Wilson speaks with Bob Ross’ art lessons for drawing

    During a recent conversation with Entertainment Weekly, the star Owen Wilson Discuss taking art lessons with Bob Ross for his role in The paint. Directed by Brett McAdams, the comedy tells the story of a Bob Ross artist named Carl Nargel, who hosts his own painting show and is considered a local celebrity in Vermont.

    While talking to EW about his new movie, Wilson thought about visiting his father, a PBS TV executive, at his workplace. He said, “I remember as a kid, my mom would take us to visit my dad and she’d see the cameras and the cables and the hustle and bustle. There was just something exciting about seeing that as a kid, and also seeing how small a potato he was with pledge drives and always trying to raise money.”

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    The representative indicated that the station in Dallas, where his father worked, had copies of him paint a personality. “Maybe it’s not the hair, but the fashion that Carl rocks was well represented there,” he said.

    in paint, Wilson’s character begins to question himself after another animator is brought in to give new life to the station. althoug paint Comically, Wilson remarked that “There’s nothing Carl funny about what happens to him. It hurts. I played it the way I imagine it. We’ve all had experiences of feeling like you don’t fit in or being rejected.”

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    Owen Wilson said he and David Arquette “worked on some paintings” together

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    the Loki Starr noted that while preparing for his character, he took drawing lessons with Bob Ross instructors. He said, “My two sons joined and we took a class,” he says. Then David Arquette, actually, I went to his house one day [and] He even went to Florida to take on Bob Ross [Art Workshop classes]. We worked on some paintings.”

    Wilson added that he did a decent job on his creations “I mean, they’re good enough to hang in my house, and that’s saying something.”

    the Zoolander The star continued, “You have to have a lot of faith in the people who come with him and put him through every day, for it to feel real to this character. Luckily, we got to a place where that happened, but it was a struggle. Some of the early incarnations of Karl’s wig were Nargly off base and it just won’t work. One of the wigs, we’d say he sounded like a keyboard player for an ’80s band that didn’t get a lot of gigs from his town.”

    Ross got his start on the PBS show, The joy of drawing, in the early 1980s. The show ended in the ’90s so the artist could focus on his health. Ross later died in 1995 from lymphoma. He was 52 years old at the time of his death.

    Wilson finished talking about the lasting impact Ross has had. He said, “It’s just a quality I have: the kind of encouraging, supportive quality you hope to find in a good teacher. And also the work of drawing, the doing of something creative: for humans, that feels good.”

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