Origins: Every season ends, ranked

    Premiering in 2013 as a spin-off of The Vampire DiariesAnd The originals Follow the life of the Mikaelson family. The show is a supernatural drama series that has enthralled audiences with its engaging characters, complex plot lines, and unpredictable twists throughout its five seasons. Explore themes of family, loyalty, betrayal, and redemption as the Mikaelson family navigated many conflicts and challenges that left fans on the edge of their seats, especially with each season ending.

    Among the many cinematic features that contributed to the success of the CW series were the season finales, which always left fans eagerly anticipating the next installment. Each season finale had its own unique blend of drama, emotion, and shock value as the Mikaelsons faced increasingly formidable opponents and found themselves in increasingly dire situations. In this article, we’ll rank each season ending with The originals and explore what made each one memorable. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the show or you’re just looking for a trip down memory lane, this article will provide an in-depth look at the dramatic highs and lows of this unforgettable series.

    5 Season 2, Episode 22: “Ashes to Ashes”

    The originals season two finale

    After the season 1 cliffhanger finale, fans left the sophomore season of The originals It lived up to expectations by delivering performances that became some of the best moments in the entire series. In the climax of the second season, we see the Mikaelson siblings vying for Esther and Dahlia. However, their victory, led by Klaus, came at the cost of new enemies and lost alliances that we couldn’t wait to see how they would mend.

    “Even the worst endings aren’t endings at all.” To the sad song “Twinkle Little Star,” Klaus Mikaelson rocks Hope to sleep as he tells the story of the Wolf King and his little princesses. It narrated the battle to secure Hope’s survival against the schemes of Dahlia, who wanted to kidnap her to gain more power. Compared to its predecessors, the Season 2 finale was an agreeable conclusion to an intriguing plot that had us wondering what new conflict would emerge.

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    4 Season 3, Episode 22: “The Bloody Crown”

    The originals season 3 episode 22

    The sudden revelation of Marcel being the enemy and the family to bring down the Mikaelson family, according to the prophecy, is one fan didn’t speculate as he used his upgraded deadly poison to attack Elijah and Cole and put Klaus into slavery. Unlike other seasons The originals Which saw the Mikalesons get the last laugh, Season 3 ended its chapter during the family’s lowest moment. Kol, Elijah, Rebekah, and Freya are forced into a supernatural coma in a coffin. Klaus is locked in a tomb with Papa Tunde’s witch blade buried in his heart, while Hayley flees New Orleans to ensure Hope’s safety and the survival of the Mikaelsons.

    With this circumstance, fans were in doubt if this was really the end. However, in the context of Klaus’ poignant message to Hope, we are assured that the Mikaelson family will definitely be back. Also, let’s remember Klaus’ speech at the trial in this episode that should have nominated Joseph Morgan for an Emmy for his delightful acting.

    3 Season 4, Episode 13: “All Sinners’ Day”

    Originals Claus 4x13

    The originalsThe Season 4 premiere saw the Mikaelsons immediately return after five years apart. However, their reunion is quickly interrupted by a new threat, the Hollow. Despite all attempts to put an end to this ancestral power, the Hollow became a formidable threat to the Mikaelson family. So much so that the only way to stop him from consuming Hope is to split his destructive magic into four originals. Having absorbed dark magic, the siblings disperse across the world to prevent its reappearance.

    Hayley may be giving up on hope in Mystic Falls – her spinoff series she predicts, Legacies in the town where it all began – or the general feel of the episode; Words are not enough to describe the mixed feelings of inner warmth and sadness that enveloped everyone The originals Impressed, he sees Elijah not recognizing Klaus. It seemed at first that the Mikaelson family was doomed. Instead, the Season 4 finale gave each of the Mikaelsons a chance to forge their own path outside of Always and Forever.

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    2 Season 1, Episode 22: “From Cradle to Grave”

    Klaus and Elijah in Origins

    Season 1, Episode 22, remains one of the best episodes of the season The originals. It featured important scenes meticulously packaged into an exciting hour that made us wonder just how good this show was; And, most interestingly, it will likely outperform The Vampire Diaries‘ success. The end of the first season was full of twists and turns, from the first scene to the last. Compelling dialogue and action brilliantly laid the foundation for the next four seasons.

    Other highlights: the bloody cemetery battles, Hayley dying at the hands of the witch and resurrecting to teleport minutes later to lead Klaus and Elijah to regain hope, Marcel saving the day after her banishment, and Rebecca returning to take her infant niece away from her. The hustle and bustle of New Orleans, Davina bringing Mikael back to life, the shocking return of Esther, Finn, and Cole in the final scene of the first season – all this proved that the supernatural family series isn’t ending anytime soon.

    1 Season 5, Episode 13: “When the Saints Go Marching”

    The Originals series finale

    Unable to completely exterminate the dark magic of Hollow from Hope, Klaus sees no other choice but to defeat the Hollow by absorbing it and ending his immortality. Just as Klaus is about to die on his own terms, Elijah chooses to die on his side. The best of brotherly moments follow, as Elijah repeats his vow “always and forever.”

    Tears, handkerchiefs, white oaks, and ashes. We can talk about how brothers start and end The originals On the same bench, Klaus’ ecstatic farewell dinner that saw the Mikaelsons act like a normal family, his farewell speech to his brothers that proved his passing wouldn’t be the end of the Mikaelsons, the Klaroline date that made us wish they had more tender moments, Hayley’s brief cameo in Hope’s bedroom, Vincent’s agreed start A family with Freya and Kellen, and Rebecca accepting Marcel’s wedding proposal, or a collage on the wall of Cami, Josh, and every character killed during the show’s run. In Season 5, episode 13 audiences were given a tribute to the best side characters as they got a well-deserved farewell piece.

    After five years of watching the show and its beloved characters, it’s sad to see it end, especially when the finale leaves audiences in an emotional mess that some fans are understandably upset about. However, in the case of this series, it’s important for fans to look at the bigger picture of why Klaus and Elijah died. Aside from the poetic, heart-wrenching demise of the Mikaelson brothers in this bittersweet finale, the many wholesome moments and callbacks in this finale provide comfort to longtime viewers. At the same time, complementing the beauty of this episode, this is added to the undeniable fact, that The originals It is one of the best fantasy TV series ever.

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