Nicolas Cage wants to play another universal classic monster

    He accepted his role as the famous vampire Dracula RenfieldNicolas Cage reveals the other classic Universal monster he wants to play. Cage will star in the upcoming horror comedy, which centers on Dracula’s eponymous butler Nicholas Hoult as he tries to break free from his anguish after falling in love with a New Orleans traffic cop. Based on the story of Cure Who the walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman and screenplay by Rick and Morty alum Ryan Ridley Renfield It already started getting positive reviews after its debut at the festival.

    In honor of the film’s highly anticipated release, screen rant Speak exclusively with Nicolas Cage to discuss Renfield. When asked about his interest in playing another classic world monster, Cage looked at Wolf Man, noting the part’s resemblance to another iconic role of his, but feeling it was a role “Powerfully tragicAnd right up the alley. See what Cage shared below:

    I kind of did that with Ghost Rider. But I think Wolf Man. Yes. The wolf man is the most terrifying and I think powerfully tragic. But I think it’s been done so many times, I don’t think we make Wolf Man movies anymore. But as for what I’d like to explore, that works for me.

    Nick Cage is the perfect monster movie actor

    Nicolas Cage as Dracula in Renfield

    Cage is cast as Dracula Renfield It was one of the biggest points of anticipation for the horror comedy series. The Academy Award winner shared the array of inspirations he drew from to bring the famous vampire to life, including performances by Christopher Lee’s Dracula from the films Hammer produced, as well as David Bowie and his father, August Coppola. While he was exploring playing a vampire before with Vampire kissCage properly separates the two shows in their tonal differences.

    Related: Nicolas Cage’s Dracula Inspirations Reveals His Best New Career TrickHaving now played monsters in a variety of genres, Cage has really shown himself to be the quintessential modern monster movie actor, understanding the mentality behind the characters rather than leaning strictly on the supernatural side of the form. As Cage notes above, his role as Ghost Rider in the Marvel movie of the same name tapped into some of the tragedy of isolation that he and the Wolf Man experience, and while Ghost rider The films may have scored low with critics, and his performance in both garnered positive reviews.

    Although Cage might be interested in playing Wolf Man yet RenfieldDracula, he’ll have to stand in line. Ryan Gosling has been lined up to play a remake of the Universal Classic Monster since early 2020, after he floated the idea while passing the reins to someone else to direct, first it was Leigh Whannell and later the place beyond the pinesDerek Cianfrance. but with several Dracula At various stages of development and production, there is room for several Wolf Man projects to work alongside each other and give Cage his dream come true.

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