Movies that will be released this weekend, April 21-22

    April is almost over. For many, it means intermittent rainstorms will slowly give way to stretches of sweltering heat, accompanied by the constant squeal of cicadas and the buzzing of flies and mosquitoes. So lovely to see the flowers bloom and soak in the vibrant sun, some might prefer staying indoors a little longer. After all, there is a lot to see in the theater this weekend.

    While we haven’t exactly entered summer blockbuster territory yet, there are still a number of high-profile releases with plenty of hype surrounding it. Whether you want to see buckets of blood and gore, high-octane action, or relatively subdued dramas and comedies, you won’t run out of quality movies to watch this weekend.

    Evil Dead Rise (April 21)

    Alyssa Sutherland in Evil Dead Rise
    Pictures Warner Bros

    The long-awaited fifth entry in Sam Raimi’s evil dead franchise, evil dead rise Finally premiering on April 21st. In another departure from the traditional evil dead The setting – that is, a mysterious cabin in the woods, the discovery of the Necronomicon, the resulting insanity, etc. – will see the hilariously sadistic Deadites take on a young family in a Los Angeles apartment.

    evil dead rise It comes to us as a product from development hell, after several canceled plans for a 2013 sequel evil dead New edition, continuation Ash VS. evil deadAnd dark army sequel. If you were expecting more of an Ash Williams movie than Bruce Campbell, you might be a little disappointed. Otherwise, if you want to increase the same type of comic horror to eleven that is evil deadoffered a new edition, evil dead rise Definitely will offer that and then some.

    Guy Ritchie Testament (April 21)

    Covenant cast

    boss Lock, stowage and two smoke barrels and 2009 Sherlock Holmes He returns with a thriller filmed during the Afghanistan war. Guy Ritchie Testament It will see Jake Gyllenhaal play a US Army sergeant who, in an effort to protect the interpreter he worked with while he was enlisted, returns to Afghanistan of his own volition.

    Originally titled The translatorIt will be a painful reminder of how the two-decade-old conflict has affected its participants. Given how Afghan translators and interpreters face similar persecution by the Taliban in reality, it feels like a stark acknowledgment of those who are sadly left behind. Given Guy Ritchie’s prolific film history, we can safely expect him and Gyllenhaal to deliver a great action movie that reflects a terrible set of circumstances.

    Boo gets scared (April 21)

    Joaquin Phoenix as the lover in the movie Po Fears (2023)
    A 24

    latest movies of ari aster, Bo afraid, promises to be a significant departure from his previous efforts. while Hereditary And Midsmar Heralded as blockbuster horror films, the latter led to the shaping of the “high-pitched horror” discussion, Bo afraid It appears to be Aster’s most ambitious and creative film yet. Having been in development for more than a decade, Bo afraid It will follow Joaquin Phoenix, who plays our titular character, as he takes a lavish trip to visit his mother.

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    With an impressive three-hour runtime, Bo afraid It is definitely Aster’s biggest movie to date. It is also considered his most divisive film to date. Despite this, the Ari Aster and A24 twice proved to be a winning combination. We are obliged to think about it Bo afraid That would make it three for three.

    Little Richard: I’m Everything (April 21)

    Little Richard I am everything
    Bungalow Media + Entertainment

    To say rock and roll has a long history would be an understatement. While some might quickly associate the genre with the likes of Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly, it’s also important to consider the role Little Richard played in this burgeoning genre. He was one of the most influential musicians of his generation, and his work influenced the creation of soul and funk as well as rock and roll, bridging the musical divide between the American population amid racial segregation.

    Biography of Little Richard, Little Richard: I am everything, will delve deeper into the rock star’s personal life, depicting his inner struggles as his music explodes in popularity. While it may not be as flashy as a recent Elvis biography, it will delve into a musical subject that deserves more recognition for its accomplishments.

    Plan 75 (April 21)

    Chieko Baishô as Michi in Plan 75
    Cannes Film Festival

    Japan is currently facing a population crisis as the birth rate is significantly falling behind the aging workforce. While the Japanese government is currently considering several solutions, Plan 75 Offers a logical extreme: Why not kill someone when they’re only 75? With funeral arrangements paid for in advance and a stipend issued to volunteers in the program, isn’t there really a better solution?

    Plan 75 It examines how this procedure affects three people of different ages: an elderly woman, a 75-year-old plan sales agent, and a young Filipino worker who faces a life-or-death choice in their own way. While the movie has been criticized for leaning more on sentimentality rather than cold examination, it’s still an awful concept with plenty of heart-wrenching moments to reflect on.

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    Somewhere in Queens (21 April)

    Somewhere in Queens

    Directorial debut of Ray Romano, somewhere in Queens, It would bring the comedic vibes of an actor to a feature-length comedy. Romano stars alongside Laurie Metcalfe as a married New York couple who are simply trying to get the best of themselves. When their son “Sticks” finds unexpected success on his high school basketball team, Leo takes the opportunity to take the family in a whole new direction – even though they may be torn apart.

    Neurotic, wholesome and playful in equal measure, Somewhere in Queens is a welcome reprieve from the constant action and horror that made up so many of April’s theatrical releases. Critics seem to agree that it’s a great debut from Romano as a director and a worthwhile comedy that avoids lackluster satire.

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