Mother Trailer Breakdown On Netflix With Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez Not only is she an amazing singer but also an exceptional actress, she sometimes gives amazing performances on screen. While more recently, she became famous for her roles in love stories and wedding films such as gun weddingShe is also known for her action roles in films such as AnacondaAnd El CantanteAnd shades of blue. Just when we thought there wouldn’t be any more action flicks from her, she surprised us with her upcoming action movie on Netflix, the mom.

    The film, directed by Niki Caro, follows Jennifer Lopez as The Mother, an ex-assassin who gives up her previous life to save her twelve-year-old daughter. Unfortunately for her, danger lurks around every corner, and her daughter is eventually captured by her enemies. Realizing that time is running out, Lopez emerges from hiding, determined to do whatever it takes to protect her daughter. Netflix has unveiled the official trailer for the movie, and we’re breaking it down so you can understand it better.

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    selfish sacrifice

    Mother's trailer breakdown

    The trailer opens with Jennifer Lopez waking up in the hospital after giving birth to a baby and an FBI agent interacting with her. The agent reveals that Lopez is involved in some sort of deal with the FBI and that seven of their agents have been killed. Although Lopez escapes unharmed, the masterminds of the accident, Adrian Lovell and Hector Alvarez, are still alive and searching for Lopez. Involved in the raid with FBI agents, it’s likely that these criminals hope to cut down all the loose targets.

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    The agent advised Lopez, “You and I both know the only way to protect this kid is for him to disappear.” If you don’t, the enemy may locate them, and the daughter will be in danger. With a heavy heart, she decides to leave her daughter in the able hands of her old friend, portrayed by Omri Hardwicke. She asks to raise her among the righteous and protect her. And if danger comes her way, Lopez is willing to act, even if it means eliminating the threat.

    The secret is out

    Mother's trailer breakdown

    Lopez disappears into the wilds of Alaska, working day in and day out to hone her abilities in case she needs to take on these criminals. The trailer depicts Lopez performing pull-ups in the winter and then cuts to another shot where her daughter is an adult, suggesting that there is a time skip between events.

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    Unfortunately, Adrian and Hector are not giving up about finding Lopez, and finally find out about her daughter and kidnap her in hopes of luring Lopez out of hiding. They eventually reach Lopez and explain that they want revenge for what she did in the past and will not report her daughter’s whereabouts until she surrenders to them. Lopez prepares to fight against the kidnappers now that the secret is out, and with Hardwicke’s help, receives some leads on them.

    As shown in the trailer, Lopez is torturing someone while inquiring about her young daughter. Fortunately, she seems to have figured out where they are taking her daughter and managed to stop the kidnappers and save her. Although she saved her child, they are still in danger, and their journey to safety continues.

    Revenge in exchange for the mother’s resolve

    Mother's trailer breakdown

    The mother-daughter reunion lends an emotional twist to the film, with statements such as the daughter asking her mother, “Who are you?” Which means Lopez has never had contact with her in all these years. The following scenes depict car chases in which Lopez evades her pursuers. Shortly thereafter, mother and daughter arrive in the wilderness, where their odds of survival are higher than in the city.

    On the other hand, Lopez is determined to teach her daughter how to survive should anything bad happen to her. Then the trailer shows us some heartfelt moments of both, some amusing observations, and their bonding. But in the end, happiness does not last long, and the enemy has tracked them down and intends to kill them. Although Lopez elopes with her daughter, she soon realizes that running away does not produce results, so she changes tactics and starts chasing after them instead.

    She is seen sneaking into a dark room, where Adrian is sitting on a chair, and saying, “You’re not running away this time.” Later, she encounters Hector in the woods, where one fights for revenge, and the other to save her kin. The trailer then concludes with Lopez saying, “I’m a killer, but I’m also a mother. And I’m going to die defending her,” as well as plenty of high-octane action scenes featuring Lopez running away, killing invaders with a sniper rifle, and engaging in a sleigh-car chase.

    the momDirected by Niki Caro and starring Jennifer Lopez, it premieres on Netflix May 12.

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