Most Underrated Romantic TV Shows, Ranked

    romantic It is a television genre in itself, and it has many faces and protagonists. instinct anatomy It is as much a romantic show as it is a medical show, and the same can be said of others like Bridgerton or friends. Other TV series may not be as popular but they are worth a look as they can be just as romantic as any of the most popular series. Here are the most underrated romantic TV shows, ranked.

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    10 Master of nothing

    Master of nothing

    Master of nothing It tells the story of Dev (Aziz Ansari), a 30-year-old New York actor who remains completely lost in the biggest things in life, like career, love, and family. As with any show about one man, there’s a lot of romance and searching for “the one” on this show, but the almost anthology writing style allows for some experimentation. There’s an episode where an entire relationship is explained through morning interactions, and another about dating apps, where the whole story is like one big date. Season 2 becomes a much larger romance, as an Italian girl, Francesca (Alessandra Mastronardi), is the driver for most of the story, creating a unique romantic arc for both characters.

    9 sex education

    sex education

    sex education is one of the best TV shows about being a teenager. It’s also a romantic story about Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Maeve (Emma Mackie) and their “will they, won’t they” relationship. What starts out as a friendship, as they work together at a child sex clinic at school, slowly evolves into something different and better, the more time they spend together, the more they have fun with each other.

    8 lovesick

    Still from the Netflix movie Lovesick featuring Evie, Dylan, and Luke

    His name is unfortunately Scrotum call When it was first broadcast and then retitled lovesick Airing on Netflix, this British show revolves around Dylan (Johnny Flynn), who is diagnosed with chlamydia and must track down all of his partners to tell them about the STD. This is the way to get a flashback and tell his entire love story, as each episode centers around one of his conquests. Surprisingly funny and romantic, this show is short and easy and has great performances by Flynn and Antonia Thomas (The good doctor), and Daniel Ings (Instinct).

    7 I haven’t done it before

    I was never a teaser

    I haven’t done it before many things at once. It is the story of an immigrant. love story; A story of discovery, a teenage story, and a romantic story. All of the characters in the show are teens who are trying to figure themselves out and want to have sex and fall in love, which creates funny, unique, and embarrassing situations. In it all, there is also some romance, especially between Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) and Ben (Jaren Lewison) who, after teasing each other for most of season one, share a kiss and start dating in season two. They will most likely be “end game” when the show ends its story.

    6 Pushing daisies

    Pushing daisies

    Pushing daisies It was a comedy-drama where Ned (Lee Pace) is a pie maker who can bring people back from the dead with a simple touch, and he does it with the beautiful Chuck (Anna Friel). The problem is that they fall in love, and if he touches her again, she will die. This beloved show just might be the next to get a dramatic or gritty reboot. By now, what most people remember is the connection between the two leads and the romance they had, even though they could never touch each other, creating an almost unique relationship. Romeo and Juliet A tragic story between them.

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    5 I was the worst

    You're the Worst renewed for Season 3 on FXX
    FX Networks
    TV 20

    Even horrible people deserve to be in love. This may be a thesis I was the worst. The comedy tries to be satirical and expose why these people are the worst through jokes and amusing observations, but underneath, there’s also a unique and surprising love story between these two not-so-good guys, Jimmy (Chris Geary) and Gretchen (Aya). monetary).

    On his vision of romance, creator Stephen Falk told Esquire: “I think especially the way we engage in romantic relationships and the way we meet and have sex right away because we’re drunk or bored or cynical in that moment about love or despair and then the way we’re afraid And we run away and we run into other people’s arms and we don’t like their choice of restaurants and we question the whole thing and we still see someone on the side… We do all this.”

    4 HD

    High Fidelity - Kravitz and Ben-Adir
    Disney platform distribution

    TV adaptation of the book and movie of the same name, HD Driving changed the genre and became the story of Rob (Zoë Kravitz), a Brooklyn record store owner, and her top 5 breakups. The show retained many of the things that made the book and John Cusack movie great, while also adapting it to the point of view of a mixed-race woman. The story is about love, romance, life and letting yourself be vulnerable and go through a relationship, which makes for a low-key romance show worth watching.

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    3 Fleabag

    Fleabag and Hot Priest
    Prime Video

    Fleabag It is the series that made Phoebe Waller-Bridge a star. Written, directed, and starred in by her, this show was as funny as it was deadly with some of its observations. Both seasons have some romance, but it’s season two that will make you swoon, because her relationship with the hot priest (Andrew Scott) is almost as good, tender, and tragic as any Jane Austen novel.

    2 starstroke

    Jesse and Tom in Starstruck Season 1 Episode 1

    starstroke is a British television series written, directed and starring Rose Matafio. This is a 21st century look nothing hill, But in this case, it is, Tom (Niksh Patel) is the star of the movie, and Jesse (Matavio) is nobody. There are many reasons to watch the showAnd Matafio’s voice and her unique way of seeing the romance genre through her perspective as a modern woman with an incredible sense of humor makes the series more than worth it. The fact that there are two seasons of six episodes makes it the perfect weekend binge where you need laughter and romance in your life.

    1 Ordinary people

    Ordinary people
    Item Pictures/Ireland Screen

    Ordinary people is one of the greatest TV romances of all time. Adapted from the novel by Sally Rooney, this series featured unparalleled intimacy and yearning, and the chemistry between the main characters, Marian (Daisy Edgar Jones) and Connell (Paul Mescal), is so off the charts that some fans still hope the actors will date in real life. The British show had a great novel to choose from and became a beautiful story about love, but also glimpses, shared silences, and deciding to go for someone.

    About the show, director Lenny Abrahamson told the Daily Awards: “And when I read Sally’s novel, I had that feeling. It’s a novel, a novel about intimacy. (…) I was able to bring you closer to the characters and I found that moving. I also found it a nice challenge to try to find Their tone and style of action give the audience the same sense of the characters’ real presence – an insight into that intimacy they have with each other on screen, as opposed to on the page.”

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