Most gruesome squid death of a game character, arranged

    When faced with devastating financial hardship, how far is a person willing to go to earn money? In 2009, Hwang Dong-hyuk asked this very question. While pondering his monetary issues and seeing the stark economic divide between rich and poor in South Korea, Hwang set to work building an answer. His curiosity and creativity resulted in a dark survival drama, Squid game. Although it could take nearly 10 years for a production company to pick up on his story, Hwang knew he had a unique perspective on a common question.

    After its release on Netflix in September 2021, Squid game Quickly scale graphs. The hypothesis of financially strapped adults voluntarily entering a children’s game-turned-fatal contest was a novel idea. Fans were equally horrified and stunned by the story. Starting from today , Squid game It remains the most watched series on Netflix, and a second season is rumored to be released in 2024.

    While some contestants deserved a brutal death, others were trying to play fatal event games with a bit of honour. Take a look back at the most gruesome character deaths in the Netflix original series, Squid game.

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    10 Player 017 falls to his death

    Player 17 Squid Game (1)
    Siren Pictures Inc.

    During the fifth game, players have 16 minutes to cross a two-panel glass bridge. Some panels are plain glass that causes the first contestant to step on them to fall to death, and other panels are tempered glass that can hold the player’s weight. With 16 players lined up to cross the bridge, those at the back of the line are grateful to the players in the front for revealing the pattern to cross safely.

    Do Jung-soo, Player 017, is a former glass manufacturer who can distinguish glass only by appearance. When Front Man realizes Jung-soo’s strategy, the lights go out, but the timer continues counting down. With three players behind Jung-soo, he is pushed through the last regular plate of glass by Cho Sang-woo. His death is not so shocking in the fact that it is so bloody, but it is heartbreaking and disheartening that he was so close to the finish line.

    9 Player 119 shoots himself

    119 Squid Player (1)
    Siren Pictures Inc.

    The second trial in Squid game It has something to do with childhood sweets. Each player was asked to choose one of the four shapes (circle, triangle, star and umbrella) that they got next Dalgona (honeycomb candy) in the chosen shape. The contestants must carve the shape without breaking it before time runs out.

    Those like No Sang-hun, player 119, were upset with themselves for choosing the toughest form, the parachute, before knowing the game’s premise. While carefully carving its shape, the umbrella’s handle broke. A guard comes to Sang-hoon to execute him for losing the challenge, but Sang-hoon stabs him with a needle. Desperate to live, he takes the guard’s gun and puts it to the latter’s head. When the guard reveals himself, Sang-hoon is so distraught that the man is so small that he kills himself without hesitation.

    8 Player 198 was stabbed to death

    Player 198 Squid Game (1)
    Siren Pictures Inc.

    After learning that the guards wouldn’t stop the players from killing each other in the dormitory, the 198th player probably felt a target on her back. She told five hungry contestants that Jang Deok-su and his gang went back for seconds during dinner, leaving them with nothing to eat. Player 198 didn’t mean anything malicious with her statement, but Dok-su felt otherwise.

    Once the lights were out for the night, Deok-su and his posse slipped out of their beds to start a bloody riot. Deok-su crept up to Player 198’s bedside, stabbing her repeatedly with a broken bottle. Her screams alerted the others to what was happening, and bloodshed began. Her death was painful and unfair, but it highlighted Deok-su’s evil nature.

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    7 The player has 369 shots to the head

    369 Squid Player (1)
    Siren Pictures Inc.

    The first player to die during a game of Sugar Honeycomb was Park Ju-un (player 369). While trying to be as careful as possible with an umbrella-stamped candy, he accidentally cuts off the shape’s handle. The hovering guard showed no mercy when he shot Joo Eun even though the contestant pleaded for a second chance. Go Eun’s body slid down the slider in the middle of the room, leaving behind a glistening bloody trail.

    As the other players looked at his limp body, several of them broke their honeycomb pieces. Many of the players were killed in the same way, with a shot to the head, but Jo Eun’s body remained on the stage for all to see as they walked away with their candy.

    6 Player 069 hangs himself

    Squid 69 and 70 game for 2 players (1)
    Siren Pictures Inc.

    Player 069 and Player 070 are the only pair seen in the series. They manage to survive the first three games, but that changes during the fourth game, Marbles. When contestants are asked to choose partners, it is only natural for the couple to mate. After learning that the loser between the two will be executed, they realize they made a huge mistake.

    Without knowing whether the pair has chosen to play a game, player 070 is eliminated from the screen. Back at the dormitory, Player 069 desperately tries to get everyone to invoke the third item of the game and vote to end the competition. When no one wants to cast a vote, Player 069 feels as though all hope is lost. The next morning, his body was hanging from one of the bunk beds.

    5 Player 218 stabs himself in the neck

    Sang Woo Squid Game (1)
    Siren Pictures Inc.

    Although the creators of the game with the guards are the real bad guys Squid gameCho Sang-woo, the 218th player, proved to be a “closed villain.” He appears as a friend, has a heart for hearts and remembers the old days with Seong Gi-hun, but is actually a selfish killer. He betrayed his friend and partner in Marbles, killing a contestant in her bed the night before the final.

    When Sang-woo and Gi-hun come face to face in the final match, Gi-hun refuses to enter the winner’s box and watch Sang-woo being executed. Sang-woo, knowing he was wronged by the people he cared about, chooses to stab himself in the neck, resulting in his friend’s victory.

    4 Player 271 was killed because he wanted his food

    Player 271 Squid Game (1)
    Siren Pictures Inc.

    Approaching a table to receive his meal, Player 271 and a few other contestants realize that they have no food left even though everyone else got a portion. Player 198 implied—and was later killed for doing so—that Player 101, Deok-su, and his bearers had a second helping. The two men engaged in a physical fight, and Deok-su ended up beating Player 271 to death in front of the other contestants and guards.

    The fact that an ordinary man was killed by a portion of food speaks volumes about what is happening in our everyday world. People, like sentinels, turn a blind eye to events and choose not to participate. Player 271 may not be a major character, but his brutal death revealed to everyone what some people value throughout his life.

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    3 Player 111 was killed for breaking the rules

    111 Squid Player (1)
    Siren Pictures Inc.

    Byung-gi, also known as “The Doctor” and player 111, has been receiving extra rations and information about upcoming games in exchange for harvesting organs from dead players to sell to a few corrupt vigilantes. When Front Man finds out about this, the guards and Byeong-gi shoot and hang all the contestants to see while they are on their way to the fourth match.

    Due to his background in the medical field, Byung-gi is put in a difficult situation: either help the guards and risk losing his life or play games like everyone else and lose out on some advantage. As the contestants looked on at the hanging bodies, the frontman apologized for stripping individuals of the most important aspect of the competition, which is the equality of the players.

    2 255 players during red light, green light

    Squid Light Red Light Toy, Green Light Doll (1)
    Siren Pictures Inc.

    After explaining the basic rules of the first game, Red Light and Green Light, players start their steps towards the finish line. Player 324 is the first to be shot, but the other contestants aren’t quite sure what happened because he simply fell to the ground. After the 250 is shot openly and blood splatters across the woman’s face, everyone runs towards the doors in the back.

    A bloodbath ensues in which most players are targeted and killed for their action before the “green light” is announced. Upon realizing that the only way to survive is to play the deadly game, the living racers keep moving towards the finish line when they are allowed to. During the five-minute match, more than half of the players are eliminated, and the rest realize what’s in store for this competition.

    1 Player 067 was stabbed to death

    Kang Sae-byuk in Squid

    Kang Sae-byeok (Player 067), played by Jung Ho-yeon, begins to distrust everyone. She and Deok-su got into a fight in the dormitory over their history with each other, but she was always seen as a redeemable character. After she, Sang-woo, and Gi-hun complete the Stepping Stone, the glass bridge explodes. Large shards of glass flew, and Sai-byok was badly injured. She tried to hide her injury, but Sang-woo took advantage of her weakened state the night before the final.

    In the dormitory, while Ji-hoon was sleeping, Sang-woo walked up to Sae-byuk and stabbed her in the neck. With her cuteness and pure intentions to win the game, fans think she deserves better than dying with a sneaky attack.

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