Mike Flanagan introduces DC Universe Batman Villain to James Gunn

    Haunting Hill House And Midnight Mass Creator Mike Flanagan pitched the villain-centric Batman character DC Universe A film by co-senior DC Studios executives James Gunn and Peter Safran. With the DCEU drawing to a close, a new DC Universe is on its way. In late January, Safran and Jan presented their first chapter project on Gods and Monsters. The mission is to create a more interconnected film and television franchise based on DC properties. DC Studios will also continue to focus on the Elseworlds franchise, including Matt Reeves Batman being.

    according to Delivery time, Flanagan introduced Clayface to Gunn and Safran. Trade has determined that no green light has been given yet, and there are no offers or deals. Complicating the prospect of a Flanagan Clayface movie is that DC villain “big plus” in Batman – Part Two. At the time of this story’s publication, DC Studios has not yet commented.

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    How could the Batman 2 and James Gunn universe both use Clayface

    Clayface looms large in Gotham Knights

    Assuming Flanagan gets his own Clayface during his appearance, too Batman – Part TwoThis is a great opportunity for DC Studios. It’s possible that some mainstream audiences have seen at least one version of Claface in several DC projects. However, the name has been used by many characters in DC Comics mythology. This is where DC Studios can use Clayface in multiple projects, while still keeping it unique.

    The two most famous Clayface characters are Basil Karlo and Matt Hagen, as they would likely be of interest for live-action. Grant Batman For the tone of the universe, Reeves is likely to benefit from the use of Karlo, especially the Golden Age version. Hagen would be better suited to the fantasy tone of the DC Universe, including Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

    Clayface in the DC Universe is also likely to come at an interesting time. “Gods and Monsters” by A swamp thing A movie is in the works, and James Mangold is looking forward to directing it. Gunn is clearly open to exploring more horror and monster-based projects for his franchise. If Flanagan’s Clayface movie is approved, it will be interesting to see how it works DC Universe He deals with Batman’s enemy in his own project.

    Source: Deadline

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