Michael Jai White returns for the black soul version of Dynamite

    Action movie star Michael Jai White Returns to the world of action comedy in the first trailer for Criminal Johnny Black. Pretty much Roohi’s successor to his 2009 sleeper hit “blaxploitation,” black dynamiteAnd Criminal Johnny Black It finds the actor and master martial artist taking his special set of skills to the Old West as he directs and leads the project. Check out the new trailer for Criminal Johnny Black less.

    Leaning toward endearing tropes and classic cliches of the Western film genre, Criminal Johnny Black Michael finds Jai White as the titular bandit. Hell-bent on avenging his father’s death, Johnny Black vows to shoot Brett Clayton and become a wanted man in the process while posing as a preacher in a small mining town taken over by a notorious land baron.

    Criminal Johnny Black Beginning life as a crowd-funded project, it sees Michael Jai White return to the director’s chair after his latest rehearsal Never back down: no surrender Back in 2016. The actor also wrote a screenplay for Criminal Johnny Black side by side black dynamite Author Byron Means. actually, Criminal Johnny Black It was initially introduced as a sequel to the 2009 outing, and while it’s now being billed as a spiritual successor, it comes from the same creative team that brilliantly paid homage to the ’70s era of action cinema.

    Criminal Johnny Black stars Michael Jai White (Good as Dead, Black Dynamite), Annika Noni Rose (The Princess and the Frog), Erica Ash (We have a ghost), Byron Means (black dynamite), Kim Whitley (Act as old as you are), Kevin Chapman (Koda, Sneaky Pete), Glenn Turman (The wire, Ma Rainey’s black bottom), Russell Peters (Neighborhood, Velma), and Tony Baker.

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    Black Dynamite remains one of Michael Jai White’s best films

    Michael Jai White in Black Dynamite
    Appearance/Destination Films

    Released in 2009 and directed by Scott Sanders, black dynamite Stars Michael Jai White as the main character, a former CIA agent who must avenge his brother’s death while cleaning the streets of a new drug that is devastating society. The film was praised by both critics and audiences upon release, with the former praising the grain of ’70s films “blaxploitation”, as well as its appeal to both movie buffs and casual comedy audiences alike.

    Meanwhile, White recently discussed the term “blaxploitation” in an exclusive conversation with MovieWeb, during which he explained why he addressed some of the issues with the subgenre. He said, “Unfortunately, there’s this exploitative association with the whole word Blaxploitation. It’s been taken out of context in a lot of ways, and it’s kind of like a banner for everything that was black at the time. There were movies likes.” apertureWhite explained.aperture It was an action movie. there mac. A lot of these movies are just studio-made action movies starring black people, and unfortunately, they’re kind of put into the theme of Blaxploitation, even though these movies existed before the term Blaxploitation was coined. ”

    Criminal Johnny Black It is set to land exclusively in theaters on September 15, 2023, courtesy of Samuel Goldwyn Films.

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