MCU Cameos are the only thing that saved Chris Evans’ ghost

    Warning: This contains spoilers for Ghosted.

    ghost It marks Chris Evans and Ana de Armas’ third film together, but the Captain America actor brought some of his Marvel Cinematic Universe friends along for the trip and it was a highlight of the movie. Evans plays Cole ghostThe cast of characters, and the actor plays against type, as Cole is a needy, mean Joe who is completely unable to stand up for himself. The movie turns one trope of action movies on its head, with de Armas playing an action hero who constantly comes to the rescue of Evans’ damsel-in-distress character. The AppleTV+ movie is another brilliant, star-studded action flick, and one that streaming platforms have fully invested in.

    Unfortunately, the film continues the trend of those films being received overwhelmingly negatively, standing at a 32% “rotten” score on Rotten Tomatoes, and no amount of cameos can salvage the scripted narration and dialogue. However, that doesn’t mean the movie didn’t try, as the movie is full of guest appearances that appear out of nowhere. Whether it’s an appearance from an actor who’s become famous with his lowercase characters, or a Hitchcock-like appearance from the director, it’s as if cameos have taken priority. ghost a novel. And the Marvel actors’ movies are by far the most enjoyable part of the movie.

    Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, and Cameo Ryan Reynolds explained the ghost


    Anthony Mackie, who played the Falcon and is now the new Captain America in the MCU, plays a bounty hunter called The Grandson of Sam. Mackey’s on-screen partner Sebastian Stan, who plays the Winter Soldier in the franchise, appears as a rival bounty hunter nicknamed God. Both are part of the same sequence that lasts for about five minutes. One bounty hunter after another holds Cole and Sadie captive until they are killed by the next bounty hunter. Tim Blake Nelson, who played the lead in Incredible Hulk He will return as the main antagonist Captain America: New World Order, He is also characterized as an arms dealer.

    ghost Also featuring Ryan Reynolds, who will enter the MCU in 2024 with Deadpool 3. The actor plays one of Sadie’s many old flames and briefly hints at him becoming a better person after he shoots himself in the genitals. Outside of his exclusive action movies, Reynolds is used to appearing in movies, which is where he grew up in Hobbes and Shaw and 2022 Express train. Evans and Reynolds seem to be playing ping pong when it comes to cameos in each other’s films too, and Evans has also appeared in free man for just a few seconds. For that matter, maybe Evans can continue and figure in this trend Deadpool 3.

    Why Ghosted’s MCU Cameos is the best part of the Apple TV+ movie

    Adrien Brody as Leveque gets angry in Apple's Ghosted

    ghost Critics were overwhelmingly panned, with many stating that it looked like an AI script and that there was no chemistry between Evans and de Armas. The supporting characters do all the heavy lifting in the AppleTV+ movie, and Adrien Brody plays an evil billionaire in the movie ghost is the most dedicated performance from any actor on film. The only thing missing from his brilliant performance is maniacal laughter. outside of that, ghost It’s a bland and flavorless action movie. While the small roles may not save the movie, they are definitely the funniest parts and provide a spot of action when they appear on screen.

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