Mary and George discover Missy is missing in the Young Sheldon Season 6 segment

    CBS has released a new clip from episode 16 of Young Sheldon season 6 that shows exactly when George and Mary discover Missy is missing.

    brand new Young Sheldon The Season 6 clip reveals the exact moment Mary and George found out Missy ran away. TV’s No. 1 comedy is expected to return with a new episode after another two-week hiatus that will show the ramifications of Macy’s decision to leave home. As Sheldon’s twin nervously drives her father’s truck, the rest of the family remains oblivious to her loss until the next day.

    Young Sheldon Photos have spoiled Macy’s end, but a new clip from CBS reveals more details about what’s next after her decision to run away from home. Watch the clip below:

    As it turns out, Sheldon didn’t immediately realize his sister was missing despite trying to reach her the night before as we saw earlier. Young Sheldon episode. This only validates Macy’s concerns about being always ignored by everyone in her family.

    How can Mary and George find Missy in Young Sheldon season 6

    Missy looking at George in Young Sheldon season 6

    previous version Young Sheldon A trailer confirmed that Missy will reunite with Paige during her daring road trip. One theory suggests that this could be the dark end for Paige; Since Missy’s driving is of a low level, this could lead to a car crash that could lead to the death of fellow prodigy Sheldon. This would explain why it is never mentioned in The Big Bang Theory and helping Coopers bring home Messi.

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    At this point, there is no doubt that Missy will meet her family. But it is curious how this reckless decision of hers will affect their relationship. It should be noted that this is not the first time that Sheldon’s sister has run away from home. It should be noted that the first time she experienced heartbreak, she also tried to do something similar at Young Sheldon Season 4 finale.

    with talks about Young Sheldon Possibly ending After Season 7, CBS began tying up loose narrative ends on the sitcom. Considering how popular the premise of The Big Bang Theory is, it’s likely that the network will want the show to continue beyond next year. One way they can do this is by shifting the main storytelling focus to Macy’s after Sheldon moves to Pasadena.

    Source: Young Sheldon / YouTube

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