Marvel needs to bring back the Predator’s most terrifying method of killing

    members predator The species has no shortage of terrifyingly inventive ways to kill its prey, from blasting it with its plasma device to sneaking up on it while it’s practically invisible and stabbing it with its two-pronged claws. However, there is one method of tortured death that the Predators originally made famous for, though has since been forgotten by the entire franchise, and it needs to return.

    Predators were introduced in the 1987 movie, predator, which laid the foundation for the series’ growing lore in the future. In the movie, fans learn that this alien creature travels the universe, looking for the ultimate prey to prove its supremacy. while expanded predator The mythos would explain that hunting down the Yautja is more of a religious practice than an exhibition of vanity, and the result is the same. Predators appear in the world, and try to kill the deadliest life forms (in this case, Arnold Schwarzenegger), and then move on to the next if they succeed. What’s the most exciting (and annoying) part of this whole process isn’t what the predators do, but how they do it. The increasingly brutal ways in which the Yautja kill their prey vary from entertaining to terrifying, and the Yautja’s forgotten killing method falls firmly into the latter category.

    Predators Don’t Skin Their Victims Alive Anymore (But They Should)

    Predator victim.

    in predator Vol. 2 #1 by Ed Brisson and Netho Diaz, a brand new chapter has begun in the ongoing Predator series. A group of humans stolen from various points in history and then kept in a cryogenic sleep have been awakened and dropped onto a planet set aside by Yautja as a hunting reserve. This is similar to the 2010 plot Predators, but with the promise of a more expansive story, as the ultimate predatory killer Theta shows up at the end of the book to turn the tables. The final chapter of Predator is a perfect continuation to volume 1, and continues to prove that Marvel Comics knows what it’s doing with the franchise. But, one thing is still missing from the series: predators’ penchant for killing their victims alive.

    at first predator In the movie, the scene in which the mercenaries find their men hanging upside down from trees after being flogged alive is one of the most harrowing scenes in the franchise. This aspect of how predators hunt is easily the most disturbing and horrifying way they can kill their victims. In essence, skinning their prey is really the only thing that makes predators scary. Hunting down the galaxy’s deadliest killers would certainly be terrifying, but the way these struggles are portrayed in the movies and comics is more through the lens of an action/adventure story than a horror one. However, an unseen alien bent on capturing and skinning someone alive is terrifying on a whole other level.

    That sense of otherworldly terror that was shown in the first Predator movie needs to be brought back in the ongoing series. marvel comics’ predator The franchise has everything fans loved from the original films, even going so far as to basically continue the story of one of the most beloved films in the franchise, but completely forgetting the fact that Predators take their prey alive, leaving them hanging in the area in search of their other potential prey. . This tactic is not only scary, but also beneficial to the hunter, as it is a method of psychological warfare against their prey that leads to a more successful hunt for the predator. So, from the unparalleled levels of terror it conjures in fans to its out-of-the-world usefulness to the Yautja themselves, it’s clear that Marvel needs to bring back predatorThe most terrible method of killing: flaying alive.

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